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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Restoring a World Heleus assignment walkthrough

Transforming Voeld from a frozen wasteland into a slightly less frozen wasteland

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Voeld is a cold planet, and nothing’s going to change that — but you can make it a little more liveable. The monolith sudoku puzzles are a bit more challenging than you’ve seen so far, but they’re manageable (the solutions are in the galleries below if you need them), and the vault is relatively straightforward — as long as you don’t get too distracted.

  • Activate monoliths. The trick with the monoliths on Voeld is that they’re under the ice sheet. You’ll have to drive around a little to find a nearby cave to
  • Let’s start with the vault in the southwest. There are three glyphs to find. The first two are right next to each other on top of one of the nearby pillars. The final one is on ground level toward the back of the room. Just use your scanner to follow the power conduits.
  • Solve the remnant sudoku and get out of there. (The solution is the last image in the gallery above.)
  • Next, the northernmost one — the one at the top of the triangle. You’ll have to find another tunnel to get to the console.
  • Once again, there are three glyphs to find. All three are at the tops of the pillars. You can jump between (at least) two of them to save you some climbing, but there are plenty of ice platforms around.
  • Once again, the solution is in the gallery above.
  • The final monolith’s entrance is also underground (underice?). The entrance can be a pain to find, so check the map above.
  • There are three more glyphs to find. One is on ground level near the console. The other two are back outside on top of the ice above you. Get topside, and head toward the monolith. Then use your scanner to track down the glyphs.
  • Solve the final sudoku to expose the vault.
  • Investigate vault entrance. Head toward the marker on your map. The vault will poke out of the ice when you get close. Head inside, and take the gravity well down.
  • Activate emergency power. At the bottom, walk straight forward to turn on the power. Then, head to the back of the room on top of the balcony to get the door open.
  • The next room is a problem because it’s cold — you’re going to have to solve the puzzles while keeping yourself warm (meaning you have to periodically use the force field bubbles to recharge your life support).
  • There are two directions you can go when you enter this room — to the left for a couple containers and some things to scan for research points, or to the right to the console that controls this vault. We’re going to focus on the critical path, but feel free to explore the left side of the room. Just come back here to where you started to meet back up with us.
  • Leave the first console you come to alone (the active beam should be pointed off to your right). Just across the pillars to the platform on the right side of the room. Take out the remnant bots you meet there.
  • Use the pillars to continue into the room toward your HUD marker. Hit one of the safe zone force fields to recharge as you deal with the remnant bots.
  • Lift the vault lockdown.
  • Escape the purification field and exit the vault. Just retrace your steps across the room and back toward the gravity well, hopping across pillars as you go. Shoot the remnant bots as you have to, but you can also ignore them — your goal is to get out, not clear the bad guys.
  • The console just inside the door will shut down the purification field.