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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Little Mouse’ additional task mission walkthrough

It’s like “Ghost of Promise” but more

Much like Mass Effect: Andromeda’s "Ghost of Promise" mission, "Little Mouse" also seems to be random by design. Just like "Ghost of Promise," you only pick it up by happening across a datapad in your wandering on Elaaden, and you only complete it by happening across five more datapads in your wandering. There are no waypoints for the six datapads you have to find, so you have to guess. That’s a lot of wandering and chance for the 29 AVP points you’ll earn at the end — so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you get started.

General advice

The random nature of this mission means there’s no step-by-step instructions. Here’s what to look for.

  • The datapads are all located at Scavenger camps.
  • These camps aren’t marked on your map, but they tend to be concentrated around the south and southwest of the map.
  • These camps are in the open and don’t have buildings.
  • Watch for landing shuttles — these tend to land at camps near where you’re driving.
  • Revisit camps you’ve already cleared. Just because you’ve cleared a camp and there wasn’t a datapad there doesn’t mean there won’t be the next time you visit and clear the camp again.
  • The first part of this mission is just finding it. You’ll pick up a datapad at one of the many Scavenger camps you run across on Elaaden.
  • Locate more datapads. You need to find five more. Just drive around Elaaden, particularly in the southwest, and look for camps. After you clear out the bad guys, someone in your squad will call out the datapad.
  • Track down the stash. If you read the datapads (you don’t have to), you’ll learn that someone stole some supplies from a child. The final part of the mission is to find the stash … and take it for yourself?

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