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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide and walkthrough

Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘The Lost Song’ additional task mission walkthrough

Decide between ice whales and aloe vera

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s "The Lost Song" is another simple task that you’ll pick up on Voeld. This one, like "The Lost Scout," ends with an important-sounding decision that doesn’t actually effect the end of the game.

  • You’ll pick up this mission from a biologist standing on the platform out in front of Techiix. The unnamed biologist will tell you about poachers hunting Voeld’s yevara — a species that is very important to the angarans (that you’ll never see).
  • Track the poachers. The mission supplies you with two waypoints. You’re looking for the buildings with shipping crates inside.
  • Read poacher datapad. One of the waypoints will have a datapad with a navpoint.
  • Find poacher camp. You’ll have to shoot your way through the poachers outside of the cave.
  • Investigate poacher cave.
  • There’s a small (and easy to miss) tunnel in the back left of the tunnel. Follow it to the end to find Dr. Lekaaret.
  • She’ll present you with your decision: Allow her to continue her research on the yevara to develop a treatment for kett-inflicted wounds, or forbid her from poaching the animals. Like we said, this decision doesn’t affect the end of the game.