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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Overgrown’ Heleus assignment mission walkthrough

Researching mutation for fun and profit

You’ll pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda’s "Overgrown" mission from a couple of scientists on the south side of the angaran base on Havarl. They’ll ask you to go scan a few mutated specimens of local wildlife for science reasons — but (and we’ll spoil this for you) there’s going to be a lot more shooting than scanning.

  • Cross-reference genetic markers with known creature dens. After you get the mission, you’ll need to pick up the baseline samples from a building just to the west of the scientists.
  • From here, just follow your map markers to the three locations. Just walk to the first two, then fast travel (or walk) to the farthest one.
  • Collect data from a mutated challyrion. There are two things to do in these locations: scan and shoot.
  • Collect data from a mutated rylkor. Just scan and shoot again.
  • Collect data from a mutated eiroch. The mutated eiroch is the farthest away from the base where you start. Don’t go rushing in when you spot it, though — it’s a tough creature, and there’re a bunch of roekaar around it.
  • Defeat the roekaar and the mutated eiroch. Try to avoid the eiroch at first and clear out the roekaar — they’ll keep shooting at you if you focus on the eiroch first, and the eiroch will take up all of your attention for a while.
  • Search the roekaar hunting party’s supplies. You’re looking for a datapad.
  • Investigate the roekaar camp. You’ll have to shoot your way inside.
  • Your ultimate goal is a computer terminal containing the roekaar’s data. You have a choice at the end to copy the data or just delete it. This choice doesn’t affect your game, so the choice is completely up to you.
  • Return to the scientists. Head back to the start, and let them know what you found.

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