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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: ‘Safe Journeys’ Heleus assignment mission walkthrough

Help an angaran find a bunch of stuff he lost in space

If you wander around on the west side of the Aya landing pads, you’ll bump into an angaran named Maariko. He’s been researching the Scourge, and now he’s lost some satellites. He also lost the team he sent to look for the satellites he lost. And now it’s your turn.

  • Investigate the first missing satellite navpoint. The first satellite (or lack thereof) is right in the Onaon system — the same system as Aya. Just scan for an anomaly, launch a probe and check the navpoint.
  • Investigate the second missing satellite navpoint. The second is in the Sabeng system.
  • Investigate the third missing satellite navpoint. You still won’t find a satellite in the Joba system, but you’ll find a comm bouy from the ship Maariko lost.
  • Travel to the angaran vessel’s navpoint. Head to the Eriksson system. You’re almost done.
  • Travel to Kadara Port.
  • Find the satellite scavenger hideout.
  • Defeat the satellite scavengers. Defeat them with bullets. If you fast travel to the forward station right nearby, be prepared to find cover — you’ll be out in the open when the Scavengers notice you.
  • After you clear the first set of Scavengers, a shuttle will show up and drop off a few more. Keep shooting them with bullets.
  • Find the missing satellites. They’re in a crate in the small building closest to the forward station.
  • Return to Maariko. You’ll have to decide whether or not to tell Maariko the truth, but your answer doesn’t affect the game.

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