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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Healing Kadara’s Heart Heleus assignment walkthrough

Flaming sulfur springs aren’t for everyone

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There’s not much you can do about the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Kadara Port, but you can start working on making the Kadara Badlands more hospitable. After you interrogate Vehn Terev as part of the “Hunting the Archon” priority ops mission, you’ll be able to strike out across the Badlands to start finding monoliths.

  • Activate monoliths. This time we’re starting with the monolith to the west. The console here is underground, and, since Kadara is the Wild West, you’re going to have to fight your way through a raider camp to get to it.
  • Find the raider camp near the monolith, and clear them out. Head toward the rocky hill behind the camp and follow your HUD to find the tunnel.
  • Try not to shoot the local angarans that are just there to help you.
  • Follow your scanner to find the two nearby glyphs — there’s no tricks here. Just follow the conduits and scan the glyphs.
  • There’s no puzzle this time, either — just hit the button and move on.
  • We’re heading to the southernmost one next. Again, you have to find a tunnel to access the monolith.
  • You’ll have to fight your way through some raiders — including a hydra mech — as you work your way through the tunnel.
  • There are four glyphs to find this time. The first two are right nearby — you barely need to move to scan them. The third is behind you on your right, but still in the same room. The final glyph is back in the room where you fought the raiders. Head back toward that room and use your scanner to watch the wall on your right.
  • There’s no puzzle this time either.
  • The eastern monolith is above ground. You’ve got three more glyphs to find here.
  • There’s one glyph at the top of a pillar — you just need to use the rocks to the left to climb up on top. The remaining two glyphs are at ground level.
  • All that’s left is to solve the remnant sudoku (the solution is in the gallery above).
  • Investigate the vault’s entrance. Follow your HUD marker to the vault. Head down the ramp, and use the gravity well inside.
  • Activate the vault’s emergency power. The emergency power console is behind you when you land.
  • This will turn on three force fields over the consoles you need to interact with to open the door. There’s no puzzle here, you just have to brute force your way into the force field and accept that your shields will take a hit. Let your shields recharge between visits to the consoles as you work your way around the room.
  • Once you get the door open, fight your past the remnant bots you find in the next room.
  • Use the remnant pillars to climb to the platform on the right side of the room. Shoot the remnant bots you find there, then turn left and take the bridge across to the left side of the room.
  • If you continue straight, you’ll find a couple of optional extra puzzles and containers, but the path to the vault’s lockdown is to the right.
  • With a carefully-timed sprint-jump-boost, you can make it to the platform just above the electric killing-fluid to the right. Climb up and handle the remnant bots waiting for you there.
  • Activate the console on your left to raise some remnant pillars — this will make your escape easier in a minute.
  • Continue toward your HUD marker to find the door to the final room of the vault. Activate the console to the right of the door to unlock it.
  • Remove the vault’s lockdown. There are six more of the damaging force fields around six consoles you need to activate before you can remove the lockdown.
  • After you activate a couple of the consoles, remnant bots will start attacking. You won’t face any difficult bots or very many at once, but the shield-draining force fields you’re dealing with will make these encounters a little more harrowing than you’re used to.
  • Once all six consoles are activated, the console in the center of the room will come online.
  • Escape the purification field and exit the vault. Start retracing your steps back out of the vault. You’ll have to hit the console you used to unlock the door — it’s on your left when you go through the door — to get the pillars back up out of the water.
  • Head back to the right, and keep retracing your steps. When you hop across to the central platform, turn left. Cross the bridge, then turn right. Get the rest of the way out to the room with the gravity well. Skirt the force field right in front of you, then use the console to shut down the purification field.

The next level of puzzles.

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