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Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Know Your Enemy and Dissension in the Ranks allies and relationships missions walkthrough

The enemy of my enemy is a kett

It turns out the kett aren’t all mindless drones. Sure, some of them are — most of them, even. But you’ll soon learn there is some disagreement among them about how best to take over the galaxy. The Archon is focused on the remnant (and, by extension, Meridian), while Primus and his group think that exaltation is all that matters. And you have the opportunity to use this disagreement to your advantage.

Know Your Enemy

  • Meet with Raelis on Voeld. You’ll get an email from an angaran on Voeld named Raelis after you complete the “A Trail of Hope” priority ops mission.
  • Go to the kett facility. Follow the map marker to the kett facility in the south. You’ll have to fight your way through some kett when you get there — mostly chosen, a few wraiths, a destined and an anointed.
  • The next few mission waypoints are confusing, but they are all in this room. You’re looking for datapads and syringes. The datapads are obvious. The syringes take a second to figure out — you’re looking for three kett samples to pick up. There are other samples in the room — human, angaran, etc. — but you can only pick up the kett samples. These are the only ones you care about.
  • Search the facility for any useful data. Look for datapads.
  • Find more data. It’s the datapads.
  • Find additional data. You have to hack into the kett mainframe and download the files ha ha just kidding it’s another datapad.
  • Collect kett bio samples. The first is just inside the door on top of a crate on the right. The second is straight ahead of the door next to a datapad. The final sample is in the back left corner of the room.
  • Go to the kett communications station. You’ll have to fight your way through some more kett — more chosen, wraiths and an anointed.
  • Investigate the comm station. Go through the station and out onto the platform to find a datapad.
  • Search for more information. Follow the marker on your HUD to an audio log where you’ll learn that all kett aren’t exactly on board with the Archon’s plans.

Dissension in the Ranks

  • Check your email. There’s a report of kett ships firing on each other as they crashed to Elaaden.
  • Investigate the crashed kett ships on Elaaden. Head to Elaaden and follow the map marker to the crash site.
  • Defeat the kett. There are a few chosen and wraiths that survived the crash. Fix that.
  • Search the site. You’re looking for another datapad among the wreckage. You’ll get the “waypoint nearby” beeping on your HUD. If you don’t, poke around in the rocks nearby to make sure there aren’t any kett stuck. Shoot them if you find any, then head back to the crash.
  • Speak with Suvi on the Tempest. She’s up front where she always is. She’s got a plan, but she needs Lexi’s help.
  • Confer with Lexi. Lexi and Suvi need to use the samples you picked up during “Know Your Enemy” to unlock the datapad.
  • Locate the source of the signal on Eos. The datapad points you to a transmitter on Eos. It’s just north of Podromos. It’s a little confusing because the signal is in a cave, so the marker is a little misleading. The cave you’re looking for is right up the hill from Podromos.
  • Scan the relay to track down source of signal. Follow your HUD to the relay. It’ll send you on a hunt across the surface of Eos.
  • The next two steps (and the beginning of the third) are mostly the same. There are more — and more difficult — kett at each, but the process is the same.
  • Track the signal to the second relay. Drive to the marker, shoot the kett, turn off or destroy the shield generator, then scan the relay.
  • Track the signal to the third relay. Drive to the marker, shoot the kett, turn off or destroy the shield generator, then scan the relay.
  • Track the signal to the fourth relay. Drive to the marker, shoot the kett. There’s a lot of them this time, but there’s no shield or relay.
  • Investigate the building. There’s lots to scan and an audio log to listen to, but your ultimate goal is the console in the back right corner.
  • At the console, you’ll talk to Primus, who works for the Archon, but doesn’t support his policies. Primus will offer you a deal that effects the end of the game — a kill-code that will lower the defenses on one of the kett ships.
  • If you take the deal, the kett forces will be diminished during the final battle. If you refuse, they won’t. That’s the choice you’re making. And there’s no downside — in this installation of Mass Effect. We don’t know any more than you do here, but it sure feels like the kind of decision that will come back to bite you later. But that’s just a guess.

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