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Mass Effect: Andromeda 'First Murderer' walkthrough

"First Murderer" is also part of our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide to Mining and AVP perks. In this guide, we're focusing on "First Murderer," but be sure to read that guide to make the most of the time you'll spend surrounding the mission.

[Editor’s note: You should see a gallery below. If you don’t, visit this page on Polygon.]

With all of the heavy lifting done, you’ve got the time to poke around on Eos a little and clear out some of those to-do list items that have been stacking up. Let’s talk about the "First Murderer" — one of the very first Heleus assignments you picked up when you first got to the Nexus.

  1. If you haven’t yet, talk to the distraught turian woman in the Militia HQ on the Nexus.
  2. Head straight across the hall to the brig to speak with her husband (the accused murderer).
  3. Go back to the Militia HQ and talk to Kandros.
  4. Use the terminal in the middle of the room to listen to the audio log.
  5. Then head up to Operations to talk to the witness Cassidy Shaw.
  6. Go talk to Director Tann.
  7. Travel to Eos. You’ll have a marker on your map for the murder site. Get to it.
  8. From here, just keep following the markers on your HUD, finding pieces of armor and scanning them.
  9. That trail will lead you to a kaerkyn nest in a cave. Clear them out, and scan the final piece of armor.
  10. Travel back to the Nexus and talk to Rensus again.
  11. Take your findings to Director Tann.
  12. We’re not going to tell you which way to answer his final question. That’s on you.

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