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Corpius boss fight (Artaria) – Metroid Dread guide

Defeat the scorpion boss in Artaria

Corpius boss fight (Artaria) – Metroid Dread guide Image: Nintendo via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Metroid Dread’s Artaria Corpius boss fight pits you against a scorpion-like monster. It’s your first boss fight, and can pose quite the challenge.

In this Metroid Dread Corpius boss fight guide will give you tips for every phase of the fight. We’ll help you defeat the scorpion boss and claim the Phantom Cloak suit upgrade.

Corpius boss fight

Through the door you have to punch open, you’ll find your first boss fight.

Corpius Phase 1

For the first phase of the fight, Corpius only has a few moves.

  • The tail will draw back in a coil and rattle, and it will strike out at you. Jump over it.
  • It’ll spit acid at you. If you’re quick, shoot the acid ball for some energy and missiles.
  • The tail will draw back and strike down from overhead.

Your goal is to shoot it in the head with missiles or Charged Beams. When it draws back for an overhead strike, run toward it. When you’re under the tail, you’ll have a few seconds to unload safely.

Corpius Phase 2

Once you deal enough damage, Corpius will turn invisible. Your only target will be a glowing spot near the tip of the tail.

The moves are the same, though, so just keep shooting at that one glowing spot. Just your Power Beam will work here, so don’t waste the missiles.

Corpius Phase 3

When it becomes visible again, Corpius will have its back to you. Slide underneath. Just as you pass its head, Melee Counter and fire. This will trigger a sequence where you can unload missiles straight into its mouth.

Corpius Phase 4

The direction is flipped this time, but there’s only one new move to watch out for:

  • It’ll breath acid in a line toward you. When this happens, jump up to the Spider Magnet panel on the wall.

Everything else about this phase is the same as the previous two. The Spider Magnet panel gives you the chance to jump over Corpius when it gets too close.

Phantom Cloak

Keep repeating the phases (and especially the Melee Counter sequence) until you defeat Corpius. You’ll pick up the Phantom Cloak as a reward.

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