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EMMI counter – Metroid Dread guide

Stun your robot pursuer with a well-timed counter

Melee counter EMMI – Metroid Dread guide Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Throughout Metroid Dread, a terrifying robot named EMMI will stalk and hunt Samus. Whenever it catches you, it’s an instant kill. You have a (tiny) chance to escape, though.

In this Metroid Dread EMMI guide, we’ll explain how and when to EMMI counter and stun EMMI the next time you’re grabbed.

EMMI counter

When EMMI grabs you, you have one change to perform an EMMI counter. You have to press X “at the exact moment of the flash” that corresponds to the EMMI’s attack, as the Mission Log puts it. Here’s what that looks like:

The timing of that attack and the corresponding block varies with each encounter. To EMMI counter, you basically have to be in the process of countering when the light flashes red and the Psycho soundtrack-like “WHEEEEET” sound plays. It’s somewhere between pure luck and borderline impossible to predict.

When you do successfully parry, EMMI will be stunned for a few moments, giving you time to slide between its legs and dash for safety.

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