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Metroid Dread walkthrough and guide

Metroid Dread walkthrough, guides, and tips

Conquer ZDR and EMMI

Metroid Dread is a brutal and unrelenting example of a metroidvania game — a genre its predecessors helped name. Polygon’s Metroid Dread guides are here to help you along every step of your journey on planet ZDR and your battles with EMMI, from a beginner’s guide to walkthroughs and maps of every area, including boss fights.

Metroid Dread beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

Our beginner’s guide will help you skip the mistakes we made along the way and get into the game faster. We’ve got tips on metroidvania games in general (and this one specifically), finding your way, and fending off EMMI.

Maps and walkthroughs

If you ever get stuck, we’ve got maps and walkthroughs for each area — including clean maps of every area in Metroid Dread. Find everything on every map, and you’ll get Metroid Dread’s reward for collecting 100% items: All Chozo Archives.

Our walkthroughs will (gently) guide you to each important location, switch, and breakable wall, point you to every suit upgrade, Missile Tank, and Energy Tank upgrade, and help you survive every boss fight.

You can get started with Artaria, Cataris, and Dairon and continue to Burenia and Ghavoran, Elun and Ferenia.

Boss fights

Boss battles in Metroid Dread are multi-phase, punishing endeavors. Our boss guides will give you tips for every phase, teaching you to identify each boss’ attacks and how to respond to and counter them.

Start with our guides for Corpius (Artaria) and Kraid (Cataris), and continue with Robot Chozo Soldier (Dairon) and Drogyga (Burenia).

Upgrade locations

If you’re looking to grab every upgrade, we’ve got maps for suit upgrades, Missile Tanks, and Energy Tanks in each area.