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Drogyga boss fight (Burenia) – Metroid Dread guide

Defeat the Burenia boss underwater

Drogyga boss fight (Burenia) – Metroid Dread guide Image: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Metroid Dread’s Burenia Drogyga boss fight pits you against a octopus-like monster. The twist this time is that you’re underwater. Polygon’s Metroid Dread Drogyga boss fight guide will give you tips for both phases of the fight and show you the moves to watch for and how to avoid them. We’ll help you defeat the Burenia boss.

Table of contents

Drogyga Phase 1

Your goal here is to shoot the tentacle on top of Drogyga. Use more regular Power Beam and Charged Shots than missiles here — you don’t get a lot back, so save them.

  • Drogyga will fire three projectiles at you. You can (and should) shoot the blue ones for energy and missiles. The red ones are invulnerable, so just avoid them.
  • Drogyga will slash at you with tentacles. Stay in a corner and jump over them — it helps to move toward Drogyga a little while you jump.

Once you have shot the tentacle enough, shoot the button on the wall with a Charged Shot, and then Grapple Beam up to the Spider Magnet panel on the ceiling. Ride to the far side, and Charged Shot the other button.

Drogyga will open its mouth(?) and expose a weak point. Keep hitting it with missiles as fast as you can.

After enough damage, Drogyga will raise a tentacle. Melee Counter this one to enter a Grab Phase (and get some energy and missiles).

Drogyga Phase 2

There’s not much different in the second part of the Drogyga boss battle. It’s basically a remix of the first part.

  • There are two red and one blue projectile. Just focus on the blue one.
  • Drogyga slashes with its tentacle quicker. Stay near the corner to give yourself a little more time to react.
  • There’s a new tentacle attack, and you only move is to avoid them. Along the floor, you’ll see all three tentacles coil together. When this happens, use your Grapple Beam to reach the ceiling.

Repeat this process, dodging, shooting, and grappling until Drogyga is dead.

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