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Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight (Dairon) – Metroid Dread guide

Defeat the robot boss in Dairon

Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight (Dairon) – Metroid Dread guide Image: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Metroid Dread’s Dairon (but also Ferenia) Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight pits you against a robot Chozo. It’s a fast-paced and quick boss battle, leaving you little room for error. Polygon’s Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier guide will give you tips for every phase of the fight and teach you how to identify and respond to every attack.

(Also, technically, this fight takes place in Ferenia, but you’ll encounter it on your way through Dairon.)

Robot Chozo Soldier attacks

There are four Robot Chozo Soldier moves to watch for:

  • Three beam shots. Jump over and around them.
  • Charged beam shot. Jump over it.
  • Blue slash. This move can be melee countered for missiles and energy.
  • Red slash. This move can’t be countered. Your job is to jump and Flash Shift (twice) to get behind the Robot Chozo Soldier.

Robot Chozo Soldier strategy

This fight is all about two things:

  1. Unloading as many missiles as possible, while …
  2. … Flash Shifting back and forth over the Robot Chozo Soldier.

Be relentless, but keep your distance. More distance is better. Our video above shows the entire fight (warts and all).

Don’t counter the blue slashes. Instead, concentrate on getting out of their way. But it’s your only way to resupply missiles and energy during the fight, you’ll need to watch for the opportunity.

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