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All Metroid Dread bosses Image: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

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Metroid Dread bosses guide

How to beat every boss in Metroid Dread

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Metroid Dread bosses are brutal, multi-phase battles. Each Metroid Dread boss presents unique challenges to master and overcome. In this Metroid Dread bosses guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks to help you defeat every boss in Artaria, Cataris, Dairon, Burenia, Ferenia, Ghavoran, Elun, Hanubia, and Itorash.

Metroid Dread boss guide table of contents

Metroid Dread Corpius boss fight

Through the door you have to punch open in Artaria, you’ll find your first boss fight.

Phase 1

For the first phase of the fight, Corpius only has a few moves.

  • Its tail will draw back in a coil and rattle, and it will strike out at you. Jump over it.
  • It’ll spit acid at you. If you’re quick, shoot the acid ball for some energy and missiles.
  • The tail will draw back and strike down from overhead.

Your goal is to shoot it in the head with missiles or Charged Beams. When it draws back for an overhead strike, run toward it. When you’re under the tail, you’ll have a few seconds to unload safely.

Corpius Phase 2

Once you deal enough damage, Corpius will turn invisible. Your only target will be a glowing spot near the tip of the tail.

The moves are the same, though, so just keep shooting at that one glowing spot. Just your Power Beam will work here, so don’t waste the missiles.

Corpius Phase 3

When it becomes visible again, Corpius will have its back to you. Slide underneath. Just as you pass its head, Melee Counter and fire. This will trigger a sequence where you can unload missiles straight into its mouth.

Corpius Phase 4

The direction is flipped this time, but there’s only one new move to watch out for:

  • It’ll breath acid in a line toward you. When this happens, jump up to the Spider Magnet panel on the wall.

Everything else about this phase is the same as the previous two. The Spider Magnet panel gives you the chance to jump over Corpius when it gets too close.

Phantom Cloak

Keep repeating the phases (and especially the Melee Counter sequence) until you defeat Corpius. You’ll pick up the Phantom Cloak as a reward.

Metroid Dread Kraid boss fight

You’ll face Kraid in Cataris.

Phase 1

Kraid has two attacks.

  • They’ll throw talons from their hands. Shoot them out of the air with missiles.
  • They’ll toss their head back and spit a bunch of balls at you — a few of which will be on fire. Your best bet is to avoid them — run around with your power beam pointed up.

Your goal throughout this phase is to shoot Kraid in the head with a missile and then shoot them in the mouth with more missiles. Not the nose, not the neck. Inside their mouth. Meanwhile, the projectiles will provide you with health and missiles.

Pin yourself as far to the left as you can and just keep unloading missiles as fast as you can — seriously, spam the hell out of the button — into the projectiles and their head.

Phase 2

Phase 2 has you fighting against Kraid’s belly. There are three attacks to watch for.

  • Bouncing balls that ricochet back and forth. Shoot or avoid these.
  • Gooey acid balls that splash on the ground. Jump over these.
  • Three spikes that shoot horizontally. Switch to Morph Ball mode to duck these attacks.

Your goal in this phase is to shoot the purple spot on their belly a whole bunch. You don’t need missiles here, in fact, your power beam will work.

A good way to deal with this phase is to stand near the left side, and use a Charge Beam to shoot both a projectile out of the air and their belly hole at the same time. Alternately, just unload regular power beam shots as fast as you can.

After enough damage, they’ll cover the belly and launch one last spike attack. After that, a Spider Magnet panel will lower. Hop on to ride up to phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is a lot like phase 1, but you’re stuck to a Spider Magnet panel. Focus on shooting the projectiles and unload missiles into their mouth.

There are two attacks to watch for here.

  • Their right hand (far side) will pull back and swipe at you. You have a chance to Melee Counter and deal some extra damage.
  • Their left hand (near side) will pull back and punch forward. You can’t dodge this, so just drop off the panel.

Any time you fall, you’ll need to repeat phase 2.

Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier boss fight

After a cutscene in Ferenia, you’ll face off with a Robot Chozo Soldier. It’s a fast-paced and relatively short fight, but it’s intense. There are four moves to watch for:

  • Three beam shots. Jump over and round them.
  • Charged beam shot. Jump over it.
  • Blue slash. This move can be melee countered for missiles and energy.
  • Red slash. This move can’t be countered. Your job is to jump and Flash Shift (twice) to get behind the Robot Chozo Soldier.

This fight is all about unloading as many missiles as possible while Flash Shifting back and forth over the Robot Chozo Soldier. Keep as much distance between you as you can. The video above shows the entire fight (warts and all).

You don’t have to counter the blue slashes — worry about getting out of the way first. That said, it’s your only way to resupply missiles and energy during the fight, so keep an eye out for the opportunity.

Metroid Dread Drogyga boss fight

You’ll face Drogyga in Burenia.

Drogyga Phase 1

Your goal is to shoot the tentacle on top of Drogyga. Use more regular Power Beam and Charged Shots than missiles here — you don’t get a lot back, so save them.

  • Drogyga will fire three projectiles at you. You can (and should) shoot the blue ones for energy and missiles. The red ones are invulnerable, so just avoid them.
  • Drogyga will slash at you with tentacles. Stay in a corner and jump over them — it helps to move toward Drogyga a little while you jump.

Once you have shot the tentacle enough, shoot the button on the wall with a Charged Shot, and then Grapple Beam up to the Spider Magnet panel on the ceiling. Ride to the far side, and fire a Charged Shot at the other button.

Drogyga will open its mouth(?) and expose a weak point. Keep hitting it with missiles as fast as you can.

After enough damage, Drogyga will raise a tentacle. Melee Counter this one to enter a Grab Phase (and get some energy and missiles).

Drogyga Phase 2

There’s not much different in phase 2.

  • This time, there will be two red and one blue projectile. Focus on the blue one.
  • The tentacle slashes are a bit quicker, so stay near the corner to give yourself a little more time.
  • Occasionally, all three tentacles will coil together along the floor. When this happens, Grapple Beam up to the ceiling to avoid them.

Repeat this process until Drogyga is defeated.

Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier boss fight

You’ll face multiple Chozo Soldiers during Metroid Dread, but they all follow this pattern.

Phase 1

The first phase of this fight is relatively simple. All you’re doing is jumping and Flash Shifting back and forth while shooting constantly.

When the Chozo Soldier hops up to the wall, wait for it to jump, and then Flash Shift out of the way.

Phase 2

Phase 2 gets a little more complicated.

  • When the Chozo Soldier jumps to the wall, it’ll leap to the center of the room. Move to the edge and wait. When it lands, it throws out two waves you’ll need to jump over.
  • Its attacks have much greater reach. As soon as you see it backflip, jump and Flash Shift.

Grab Sequence

When you deal enough damage, you’ll get an attempt at a Grab Sequence. You have to Melee Counter two times to pull it off.

Metroid Dread Escue boss fight

You’ll take on Escue in Ferenia.

Phase 1

Escue has three attacks that it’ll use constantly. Constantly.

  • A black projectile. When it hits the floor, it’ll pause and then send out a pulse you have to jump over. It doesn’t pulse when it hits the walls, though.
  • A purple missile storm. Double jump (Spin Boost) and Flash Shift over and around them.
  • Charge attack. This can’t be Melee Countered, so just get out of the way.

The trick to this fight is that you cannot damage Escue when its surrounded by purple energy. When that happens, your only job is to dodge the projectiles and wait.

When Escue isn’t surrounded by purple lightning, unload missiles into it. It takes about 20 hits by our count.

Phase 2

The second phase of the Escue fight is much simpler. Fire a missile into the X spore-thing that Escue becomes. It’ll knock back, and then become invulnerable for several seconds. Jump and Flash Shift over it, and wait for it to stop flashing.

Fire and dodge again until you defeat Escue and pick up the Storm Missiles.

Metroid Dread Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers boss fight

Don’t let the twin part throw you — you’ve fought these enemies before, and you have a new weapon — the Storm Missiles — that will turn the tide in your favor.

Focus on the silver one first — it seems to take fewer hits to put down. As soon as you walk in, start holding down the R button to charge your Storm Missiles. Your job is to avoid taking any damage — be ready to jump and Flash Shift — while getting the targeting beam to touch the silver Robot Chozo Soldier. Once you have a few targets on it, fire the missiles.

Once the silver one is down, turn your attention to the gold one. The same process works for it. Just keep moving around and targeting it.

Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 boss fight

In Cataris, the reanimated corpse of Corpius has become Experiment No. Z-57. This is an exacting fight, so we’re going to make this section video heavy to show you examples.

Phase 1

Experiment No. Z-57 has two main attacks in this phase.

Attack 1: It’ll spit two streams of pink goo. You’re watching for clear spots in the pink goo while you target the head with Storm Missiles. Your first priority, though, is to avoid damage. As soon as you spot a clear space, head for it.

Attack 2: It will swipe twice, once from each direction. It’s possible to just jump over the swings, but it’s easier to just Space Jump through the whole sequence.

The main thing you’re watching for, though, is for Z-57 to climb down a little and point its head at the ceiling. When this happens, get close to Z-57’s head and wait for a Melee Counter. Keep firing missiles through the whole process.

Phase 2

For phase 2, you’ve got a couple new things to watch out for.

Attack 1: It’ll point to the right and activate fans, pushing you left. You’ll need to run, jump, Space Jump, and dodge through the pink chevron beams. The sequence is always the same, so you’ll get better with practice.

Attack 2: It adds a third swipe to the swipe attacks. The problem is, it also damages on the third windup, so you have to get low and then jump again.

Keep firing Storm Missiles and keep dodging the pink goo while you wait for another Melee Counter opportunity.

Metroid Dread Golzuna boss fight

You’ll face the shape-shifting Golzuna in Ghavoran. The Golzuna boss fight is really a series of smaller fights, most of which you’ve seen before. You’re going to do a lot of sliding between legs.

For Golzuna’s first two forms, don’t bother with missiles. Save those for the third form.

The third version of Golzuna is when things get tricky. When it’s facing you, head for the corners and wait for it to rear up. Fire up your Storm Missiles while you wait, and then slide under its feet when it’s rearing. Quickly turn around and fire the missiles at its exposed backside.

Periodically, Golzuna will fire out a pink or blue energy orb. These create barriers that deal shocking (pun intended) amounts of damage.

Do your best to avoid them or, better yet, Space Jump over top of Golzuna and get in front of them.

If you run out of missiles, Charged Beam or regular Plasma Beams work just fine.

Metroid Dread Raven Beak boss fight

The Raven Beak fight in Itorash is fast and there’s a lot going on. Also, you’re probably still reeling from the [SPOILERS]. This is another exacting fight, so take your time. Worry about learning one phase at a time and keep trying. Let’s break it down.

Phase 1

He’ll hold his arm straight up, and a field of pink energy will fill in the arena. Run over close to him, and wait it out. Jump and Flash Shift over him when he swings at you.

He’ll charge up and fire a black sphere of energy. The sphere just keeps growing if you ignore or dodge it, so take it out as fast as you can. Hit it with four missiles for some ammo and health. He’ll usually pause while this is out, so you can safely focus on the sphere.

He’ll perform three melee attacks. Jump — or double jump — and Flash Shift over him when he starts these. This especially sucks if you get pinned against the wall during it.

Throughout the beginning of phase 1, fire missiles as often as you can. Your goal is to get his aura to shift from pink-purple to gold. When his aura is gold, he’s invulnerable. Stop firing and focus on avoiding damage (and healing from the black orbs). You’re only waiting for Melee Counters.

There are three opportunities for Melee Counters to watch for (these happen throughout the phase).

He’ll turn his back to the camera and fire a pink beam that fills the screen. Duck under it and Melee Counter.

Raven Beak stands up straight and does a Morpheus-style “come here” gesture. Get close and Melee Counter. There are two Melee Counter prompts in here.

He’ll draw his left hand back and it’ll charge up with a red glow. This is a very, very fast attack, but there’s a Melee Counter chance in there just as he reaches you. The easiest way to get it every time is run toward him as soon as he starts moving and hit the Melee Counter button immediately.

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when Raven Beak unfurls his wings. This part of the fight is less move-heavy and more about avoiding damage while firing missiles. You won’t get a chance to heal or pick up ammo in this phase.

Raven Beak does a spiraling charge. Slide under it (or duck) — neither of which we did in that video.

There’s also a pretty straightforward downward slam.

Heavy beam attack. Just get out of the way.

Bullet storm. Space Jump and Flash Shift around him to stay ahead of the bullets.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is hectic and there are many attacks that are all but impossible to avoid. The good news is that the black orbs and pink energy attacks are back — you’ll need those orbs for health and ammo.

This phase is all about surviving long enough to do a couple Melee Counters, while hitting Raven Beak with as many missiles as you can manage. You only need one or two counters to finish the fight, so you just have to survive long enough to get them.

One of the first things Raven Beak will do is set up a flaming sphere. You can’t destroy it, and it emits chevrons of energy in a circle. With everything else going on, these are very hard to avoid. It’ll disappear after three or so blasts.

Raven Beak has a new heavy blast that lasts a lot longer. And reaches across the screen.

There’s a new dash attack as well. If you see it coming (and you can do anything about it), slide or Flash Shift through it.

You’re waiting for the red fist attack again.

Just before the end of the fight, when you have Raven Beak whittled all the way down, you’ll have to land another two Melee Counters.

Phase 4

The fourth phase of the fight is against Raven Beak X. Literally the only thing you have to do is hold down the fire button. That’s it.

All that’s left is a dash through Hanubi with your new Hyper Beam as you head for your ship. The Hyper Beam blasts through any kind of block and all enemies, so just don’t stop firing as you run.