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Middle-earth: Shadow of War guide: Why Treasure Hunter is the most useful skill

Unlock it as soon as you can

Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Like a lot in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, your skill tree is extensive, complex and mostly unexplained. With 120 skills to choose from, it’s intimidating to decide what to get first.

It’s kind of rare in a game like Middle-earth: Shadow of War to be able to call out the skill you should get first. There’s usually a lot to balance and consider, but that’s not the case here. The fifth skill in the Wraith category of the skill tree, Treasure Hunter, is the most useful in the game. Let’s talk about Treasure Hunter and why you should get it.

Treasure Hunter

Standing still is frustrating, but it also makes you extra stabbable.
Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Having to hold down a button to pick up loot means collecting loot is impossible in the heat of battle. And when you can manage to remember to backtrack to pick up things you missed, you’re still going to spend extra time just standing still. Treasure Hunter makes that go away.

With Treasure Hunter, you just have to walk across loot, and you’ll pick it up automatically. It’s not the strongest or the flashiest skill, but it’s such a time and frustration saver that it’s going right at the top of every list we make for this game.

It’ll cost you five skill points to get here, so it’s not technically the first skill you’ll unlock, but it should be your first goal. The skills you unlock along the way — Brace of Daggers, Elven Light, Ice Storm and Consume — are all worthwhile, so it’s a good deal.

Once you unlock Treasure Hunter, consider the first upgrade as well before you start spending points elsewhere. Discerning Eye increases the chance you’ll get better stuff from the drops you (now automatically) pick up.

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