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How to get everything in Minecraft’s 1.19 ‘The Wild’ update

Where to get everything new

Allays fly around chests in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon

Playing survival Minecraft is ultimately about exploring strange locations, looting materials, and using those materials to build incredible creations. The game’s 1.19 update, dubbed “The Wild,” adds two new biomes, multiple never-before-seen mobs, and dozens of unique building materials.

It’s a huge update when you take everything into account, and it’s going to be a challenge for any survival player to gather it all. With this guide, we’re going to tell you exactly how to get everything new, from the magical Recovery Compass that points to the location of your last death, to the adorable Frog Lights that can illuminate your world with a natural radiance.

We’ll break these items down by the biome in which you can find them, starting with the new variant of swamps.

Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove Swamps are one of two new biomes added to Minecraft with the 1.19 update. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you’ll have to travel pretty far to find one, especially if you’ve been playing in your world for a while and have explored a significant amount.

If you don’t want to wander around aimlessly, try using Chunkbase. Enter your version and seed number, and you can locate just about anything you want on the map. To find a Mangrove Swamp specifically, check the “highlight biomes” button along the bottom and select it from the menu. You’ll still need to locate one outside the areas you’ve been to already in your world.

Once you locate one, here’s everything you can find in Mangrove Swamps, and how to get more:

A group of white Minecraft frogs in the desert Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Frogs and tadpoles: Frogs are new to Minecraft 1.19. They can be found in Mangrove Swamps, as well as regular swamps. There are three color variations, but luckily, once you find one type of frog, it’s easy to get the other two. All you need to do is find two frogs and use slime balls to breed them. One frog will lay eggs in the nearest body of water, and after a short time, tadpoles will hatch. You can pick them up with a bucket. Then, take the tadpoles to different biomes to get different colors of frogs — temperate biomes for brown, cold for green, and warm for white (check the wiki for a list of biomes sorted by temperature category).
Three Frog Lights in Minecraft, each in a different color Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Frog Lights: True to their name, Frog Lights come from frogs. However, obtaining them is no simple matter. You’ll have to get a frog to eat a small magma cube. That’s easier said than done, since magma cubes only spawn in the Nether. You can find magma cube spawners in Bastion fortresses, though conquering them isn’t easy. And you’ll need to drag at least one of each color of frog through a Nether portal using a lead to get them in position to eat the magma cubes and produce Frog Lights. It’s easier said than done, but well worth it for a brand-new light source that comes in three different colors.
Mangrove swamp trees from the top Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Mangrove trees and wood: The real reason to hunt down a Mangrove Swamp is for Mangrove trees. These trees produce a completely new type of wood with a different color palette and look than any other wood in the game. For those who love to add variety to their Minecraft builds, it’s an essential addition. Luckily, you only need to find one Mangrove Swamp to have all the Mangrove trees you could ever want. The Mangrove saplings, called propagules, grow directly from the trees’ leaves, but they can be planted and grown with bonemeal just like any other trees. Once you start growing your own Mangrove trees, you can get all the new blocks that come along with them, from Mangrove roots to Mangrove wood stairs, slabs, doors, boats, and more.
Mud blocks as seen in Mangrove biomes in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Mud: Lastly, you’ll find mud aplenty in Mangrove Swamps. Mud is a new block that’s mostly for decorative purposes. However, it does have some unique properties; for example, you can use it in conjunction with Dripstone blocks to create clay. However, you don’t even need to find a Mangrove Swamp to start harvesting mud, because you can also get it by simply using a water bottle on a dirt block. Building a semi-automatic mud farm is fairly easy, so look up an in-depth tutorial if you think you’re going to need a lot of mud. And you might, since mud can also be crafted with Mangrove Roots to make Muddy Mangrove Roots, or with wheat to make Packed Mud, which can then be turned into Mud Bricks, as well as Mud Brick slabs, stairs, and walls.

The Deep Dark

The second and undoubtedly more exciting new biome in Minecraft 1.19 is the Deep Dark. This is where the best new stuff can be found. However, to get all the new loot, you’ll need to locate an Ancient City. While these aren’t as rare as Woodland Mansions, you still might need to travel thousands of blocks to find one. Once again, Chunkbase is your friend. If commands are an option in your world, you can also type “/locate ancientcity” into chat and it will tell you the coordinates for the nearest one.

Once you’ve found an Ancient City in the Deep Dark, here’s everything you can loot there:

Sculk in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Sculk: Sculk encompasses an entire new category of blocks. Standard Sculk blocks and Sculk Veins are purely decorative. Sculk Shriekers inflict players with the new Darkness status effect and summon the Warden boss if activated too many times. Sculk Sensors detect noise and can be used to send Redstone signals wirelessly. Lastly, Sculk Catalysts absorb XP from mobs killed near them to transform other nearby blocks into Sculk. All Sculk blocks can be mined most efficiently with a hoe, while the more specialized types require the Silk Touch enchantment.
A Minecraft menu with a Swift Sneak book Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Swift Sneak: The Swift Sneak leg armor enchantment increases your movement speed while sneaking. It’s valuable for exploring Ancient Cities, where you need to move quietly to avoid the Warden. It’s also excellent for players who love building. To find the new enchantment, you’ll have to loot chests in Ancient Cities. Luckily, it’s pretty common.
A Minecraft menu with an Echo Shard in the inventory Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Recovery Compass and Echo Shards: The Recovery Compass is a new item that points toward the location where you last died. It’s valuable for players in survival, where dying at the wrong time might mean losing everything you’re carrying. The only way to get it is to find Echo Shards, which generate in chests in Ancient Cities, and craft them together with a compass.
Minecraft music discs hanging on a wall Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • New music disc(s): Officially, the Wild update added just one new music disc, simply titled “5.” This disc must be crafted from disc fragments, which spawn in — you guessed it — chests in Ancient Cities. However, another new disc was added in the previous update, 1.18, and chances are you probably never found it, because it only spawned very rarely in certain chests. Luckily, in 1.19, it can be found much more commonly in Ancient City chests as well.


Lastly, we’re going to categorize some things as simply miscellaneous new items. These aren’t found in specific biomes, so we’ll list them here:

A bunch of floating Allays in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Allays: The Allay is easily the cutest new mob added to Minecraft in some time, and also potentially one of the most useful. The Allay can pick up items at your behest and either give them to you or drop them near a note block, giving them tons of potential in automatic item sorters and other Redstone builds. However, Allays are not easy to find. You have two options: Locate either a new Pillager Outpost or a new Woodland Mansion. Either way, it has to be one that you’ve never been to before. Structures that have already been discovered in your world won’t count. Once again, you can use Chunkbase or the “/locate” command. Once there, you’re likely to find Allays imprisoned by the Pillagers. Hand an Allay an item and it will follow you wherever you go. If you need to transport them long distance, minecarts, boats, and leads can all help. As of right now, you can’t breed them, so the only Allays you can get are the ones you’re able to find. However, Mojang has added the ability to duplicate Allays using a jukebox and Amethyst Shards in the latest beta versions, so don’t expect that limitation to last forever.
A goat on a mountain in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Goat Horns: Goat Horns are fun new items that make a loud, horn-like sound when used. There are eight variants, all of which can be obtained by tricking a goat into ramming certain blocks, including trees, stone, coal ore, copper ore, emerald ore, iron ore, and packed ice. Four of the variants can be obtained from normal goats, and these can also be found in chests at Pillager Outposts. For the other four, you’ll need to get a special screaming goat to drop them. Screaming goats have a 2% chance to spawn in the world or from breeding. You’ll know when you find one.
A boat with a chest on it in Minecraft Image: Mojang Studios via Mike Rougeau for Polygon
  • Boat with chest: This is the easiest new item to get. Simply craft a boat and a chest together. This special vehicle can hold items during your maritime journeys. It’s a welcome addition to the game.

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