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The Shard collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

After climbing the elevator shaft and entering a badly damaged section of the Shard — most pathways look destroyed and an entire quadrant of windows are gone — turn right and find the recording on a table.

Surveillance Recording #2

At the very top of the Shard, next to the helipad stairs.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

After walking on the wire and using your Magrope to attach to the rotor blade, turn around and grab the bag on the roof below.

Secret Bag #2

Downstairs from the helipad, before heading through the door, turn left toward a patch of green plants and trees. The bag sits among the foliage.

The next level of puzzles.

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