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Centurian Yards collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.


GridLeak #1

Leap off a ramp at the top of the building.

GridLeak #2

Floating between two buildings.

GridLeak #3

At the corner and side of the building.

GridLeak #4

Next to the orange GRXN sign.

GridLeak #5

At the side of the building near some AC units.

GridLeak #6

Above a ventilation shaft at the back of the building.

GridLeak #7

Higher up into the building near the orange flags, the GridLeak floats between buildings.

GridLeak #8

Snatch the GridLeak in midair by jumping off the ramp on to the landing pad below.

GridLeak #9

On the side of the building behind the landing pad.

GridLeak #10

Near the construction and scaffolding.

GridLeak #11

Off a ramp next to a large Z11 billboard. You will end up taking the zipline down.

GridLeak #12

Near a system of vents. Close to the connecting bridge between Centurian Yards and Concord Plaza.

GridLeak #13

At the bottom corner of the building on a connecting bridge to another.

GridLeak #14

Floating above a knocked over hand railing.

GridLeak #15

At the top of a set of stairs.

GridLeak #16

In a system of vents near the bottom of the building.

GridLeak #17

Below a large Z11 billboard.

GridLeak #18

Off a ramp next to a large S for Men billboard.

GridLeak #19

Off a ramp next to an orange sign.

GridLeak #20

Floating atop a hand railing.

GridLeak #21

(Requires Magrope) Swing from the Centurian Yards over to Triumvirate Drive, and snatch the GridLeak out of midair while doing so.

Electronic Parts

Electronic Part #1

Electronic Part #2

To the right of the landing pad outside the safe house.

Behind the blue building near the safe house.

Electronic Part #3

Enter a door at the side of the building to find the electronic part.

Electronic Part #4

Inside a door, near the railing of a staircase.

Electronic Part #5

Elevated at the side of a building up a staircase and vent.

Electronic Part #6

On top of two AC units near the bottom of the building.

Electronic Part #7

Higher up into the building, behind some gates.

Electronic Part #8

Located right below the Silvine billboard.

Electronic Part #9

Straight ahead from the landing pad, next to a door.

Electronic Part #10

Behind a large Z11 billboard.

Electronic Part #11

On the side of a roof access, across the street from a large Pirandello billboard.

Electronic Part #12

Below a set of stairs.

Electronic Part #13

Tucked in below between two buildings. Near a set of stairs.

Electronic Part #14

Enter the door here to find the parts, located across from an Elysium Clinic.

Electronic Part #15

Next to a ladder near a bridge between Concord Plaza and Centurian Yards.

Electronic Part #16

Below an AllCom billboard.

Electronic Part #17

Tucked away in a very tight corridor.


Document #1

Inside the safe house next to the vent.

Document #2

On top of a vent at the side of a building.

Document #3

Tucked behind a ventilation unit for vaulting.

Document #4

On the lower siding of the building.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

Higher up on the building. It will be along the side on a catwalk below the Silvine billboard.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

Climb up the scaffolding here. It requires a bit of wall running, but it’s easy enough. At the top, you’ll find the bag hanging off a beam.

MISSION: Back in the Game

Document #5

Once you enter the building, you’ll soon come upon a green office reading 20 LGR Division. Vault on over to the other side, but immediately turn left to find the document sitting next to a plant.

Surveillance Recording #2

After riding the elevator up, swing over the other side of the office. When you land, look to the coffee table on your right to find the Surveillance Recording.

Secret Bag #2

After riding the elevator up and swinging across to the other side of the office, double back to get to a higher floor. The bag sits on a table here.

Document #6

After wall running across the window pane of an office room, look to your left to find the Document next to a potted plant.

Surveillance Recording #3

When you enter the Bioengineering offices, check the planter at the right of the hologram to find the recording.

Secret Bag #3

When you end up at the third floor of the Bioengineering offices, turn around and climb up the green-bordered window. Then wall run and climb on top of the beige-bordered window. From here, jump over the railing and grab the bag sitting on the coffee table.