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Concord Plaza collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.



Located up the stairs from Dogen's Henchwoman.


Jump off a ramp down toward a landing pad (not on it) to grab the GridLeak.


Floating in front of a large S for Men billboard.


Head inside the building to find the GridLeak near a group of toiling construction workers.

GridLeak #5

Floating in the entryway of the building.

GridLeak #6

Off a ramp directly behind a billboard.

GridLeak #7

At the back corner of the building.

GridLeak #8

Located on the backside of the roof, between two yellow buildings.

GridLeak #9

Floating at the front of the building near a connecting bridge across the large avenue.

GridLeak #10

At the side of the building, the GridLeak floats far above a ventilation shaft. Wall run to grab it.

GridLeak #11

Floating above a metal pipe behind the large cylindrical billboard.

GridLeak #12

The GridLeak floats high above a few vents over an alleyway. Climb up to higher ground to grab it midair.

GridLeak #13

Jump off a ramp to grab the GridLeak in the air.

GridLeak #14

(Requires Magrope) Swing from the large cylindrical billboard over to the Bryson building to snatch the GridLeak out of midair.

GridLeak #15

Hop on to the iron floor of the black-and-white Cascadia Logistics structure. From here, jump to the zipline to slide down and grab the GridLeak.

Electronic Parts

Electronic Part #1

Climb up the yellow-striped roof access to find the electronic parts tucked away in the back.

Electronic Part #2

Next to a Silvine billboard.

Electronic Part #3

Between a yellow building and one with a curved roof.

Electronic Part #4

Head down a flight of stairs near the back of the building to find the hidden electronic parts.

Electronic Part #5

Enter the building to find the electronic parts near some construction workers.

Electronic Part #6

Inside the building, past the construction workers, some more parts are tucked away.

Electronic Part #7

Go through a door here to find the electronic parts inside.

Electronic Part #8

Located directly behind a large billboard.

Electronic Part #9

Found on the side of a yellow wall below a Silvine billboard.

Electronic Part #10

Hop over the cage into a system of vents to find the parts between two wall units.

Electronic Part #11

Found along a beige wall next to some ventilation units.

Electronic Part #12

Along the walls of a roof access next to a building adorned with blue stripes.

Electronic Part #13

On the low roof next to the massive glass skyscraper, you can find the parts in a small nook with metal blinders.

Electronic Part #14

Next to a short set of stairs and near a small bridge over to Centurian Yards.

Electronic Part #15

Tucked away below a long, winding set of exterior stairs. You'll notice them, so just jump on them and head down.

Electronic Part #16

Located along a yellow wall next to the "Birdman's Route" mission which you had to have completed to begin collecting Electronic Parts.

Electronic Part #17

Get onto the catwalk above, either by walking through the building via the door near the Silvine ad or up the fire-escape ladder on the side. The parts are located at the end of the catwalk.

Electronic Part #18

On the balcony of the all-yellow building with the slanted front.

Electronic Part #19

Head into a door accessible by a balcony on the back of the building. You can find the parts right near the door.

Electronic Part #20

Since you can't jump over the gate to access the electronic parts, wall run up to the iron beam nearby and jump over.

Electronic Part #21

You can climb to the top of the blue-and-beige building from a pipe at the side.

Electronic Part #22

From the catwalk of the yellow building with a slanted front, springboard off the railing into a horizontal wall run towards the ventilation shafts into a vertical wall run into a 180-degree turn and land on the AC units hanging here. Pop into the terrace and grab the parts here.


Document #1

Drop down below the large cylindrical billboard onto a metal perch. You can also swing to the siding via three flag poles at the front of the building. The document will be sitting on the perch, the Bryson building and busy highway below in plain sight.

Document #2

The document sits on the very top of Birdman's yellow, pigeon-littered hideout.

Document #3

Climb to the top of the blue and beige building via a pipe at the side.

Document #4

Hop over the cage to find the Document tucked behind the building, near some solar panels.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

Found atop a pair of vents next to a small staircase and near a small bridge over to Centurian Yards.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

You can find the bag on your way to Birdman's. Enter the door below his hideout, next to the massive Silvine billboard. Head up the stairs in the orange hallway and hop on to the vent above. Opposite the opening you must crawl through, the secret bag sits on the vent.