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Shimmering Heights collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.


GridLeak #1

When you initially make your way outside of the Pirandello building, turn around to find the GridLeak floating over a railing.

GridLeak #2

After climbing the initial set of stairs as you enter Pirandello, drop down a floor to find the GridLeak.

GridLeak #3

At the section with the revolving white-and-black tiles. The GridLeak floats above an art piece of various cubes sitting in a pond of water.

GridLeak #4

Inside Pirandello, climb up the pipe behind the massive screen advert. Look to your right and jump on to the ramp to the right of the balcony. You will slide down and grab the GridLeak. It may take a few deaths to nail.

GridLeak #5

Simply take the zipline down and you will grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #6

Inside an interior bridge to Crystal Valley.

GridLeak #7

Right next to the building with purple-colored walls and steel grating.

GridLeak #8

Floating near two large black vents.

GridLeak #9

On the thin glass siding of a building. Use a ladder nearby or simply springboard up from railings on either side.

GridLeak #10

Tucked between a walkway and a teal-and-white sign. Head up the staircase nearby to jump down and grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #11

Floating in the window of a black, white, and purple building. Springboard into the empty building to grab it.

GridLeak #12

At the back of the teal Nicosa building, head inside the first floor door and springboard up to the GridLeak above.

GridLeak #13

Enter the door near the back of the teal Nicosa building on the first floor. On the right, the GridLeak floats in midair. Wall run to grab it and swing yourself to safety.

GridLeak #14

On the upper floor of the teal Nicosa building. Take the stairs near the bridge into Crystal Valley.

GridLeak #15

Attainable right after Magroping over to the Allcom building.

GridLeak #16

Nearly impossible not to land on it when Magroping out of the Allcom building.

GridLeak #17

On the outer ledge of a building.

GridLeak #18

Take the zipline over to the other side of Shimmering Heights to grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #19

The GridLeak sits on the second floor of the building, looking out to the teal Nicosa building.

GridLeak #20

Hidden inside the unfinished Anansi offices. Accessible via the second-floor lounge in Nicosa or by wall running above Electronic Part #12.

Electronic Parts

Electronic Part #1

Right as you enter the neighborhood from Zephyr, you will see the device along the wall.

Electronic Part #2

Directly across from the revolving white-and-black tiles, in the same room with the art piece of various cubes in a pond of water.

Electronic Part #3

At Pirandello, once you walk out on to the balcony near GridLeak #1, turn around and wall run to the rightmost balcony. Inside, the parts will be on the wall.

Electronic Part #4

A hidden corridor sits next to the zipline heading back into Pirandello. Pop in and grab the parts here.

Electronic Part #5

Past an unfinished panel of white walls.

Electronic Part #6

Slide under the metal grating into the purple-colored room.

Electronic Part #7

Walk through the door jamb and hop over the clear glass railing to grab the parts on the cooling unit here.

Electronic Part #8

Inside the building with the purple-colored walls, head on up to the stairs and on to the catwalk. Follow it to the end and wall run to the vertical pipe in front of you. Inside the locked room, you will find the parts in the back.

Electronic Part #9

On a balcony at the side of the building. Enter from either side.

Electronic Part #10

Right near Surveillance Recording #1.

Electronic Part #11

Between a large ventilation unit and tall purple screen showing what appears to be ice.

Electronic Part #12

Down a set of stairs, next to black scaffolding.

Electronic Part #13

Underneath a set of black stairs that lead to a lounge above.

Electronic Part #14

Found along a black-and-white building.

Electronic Part #15

Along the walls of a small white building with black vents going into either side.

Electronic Part #16

Inside the teal Nicosa building, behind a black pillar near GridLeak #12.

Electronic Part #17

After entering Allcom, climbing the black rocks and crawling through the vent, the parts will be in this waiting room on the left.

Electronic Part #18

Just on the bottom floor of the building, right around the corner under a lamp.

Electronic Part #19

Found next to a tall, black stone wall and below a glass awning. Right before the mission, "Savant Extraordinaire."

Electronic Part #20

Along a sheer black wall between two black vents.


Document #1

From GridLeak #1, head up the stairs and jump up on the ledge. Instead of continuing on through the door with the purple border, make a U-turn and head to the window facing Zephyr Transit Hub. A document sits on the ground here.

Document #2

On the second floor of the building, sitting behind a ventilation unit and next to a man wearing a purple vest. Found right before the start of the mission, "Savant Extraordinaire."

Document #3

Propped up on a white park table in front of the teal Nicosa building.

Document #4

Inside the thin purple room with fans and blinds. Reach the top of the fans to find the Document here.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

Right near Electronic Part #10.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

From GridLeak #2, jump over to the vertical pipe, hop to the second one and drop down on to the glass balcony below. Hop on over the balcony railing on to the ground floor and run straight to the bag.

Secret Bag #2

Right above GridLeak #13. Enter the teal Nicosa building and on the right, wall run to the swinging bars. Land ahead and climb up the small ladder. Turn around to see the Secret Bag.

MISSION: Savant Extraordinaire

Surveillance Recording #2

When climbing the shaft with the yellow streak down the middle of the floor, you can find the recording just before making the final springboard to the exit.

Secret Bag #3

(Requires 180-Degree Turn) The bag is located in the room with the hanging rocks. When you first enter the area, a black vent will be above you. Instead of heading towards the first rock and the Mirror’s Edge symbol, turn around, run straight up the wall, do a 180 degree turn and jump to the black vent above. The bag will be sitting up here.

Document #5

After taking out the first guard but before interacting with the data sluice, head down to the conference table of computer monitors. A Document will be sitting on the end.

Surveillance Recording #3

After jumping along the hanging ropes and crawling through the vent shaft, the Surveillance Recording will be sitting on the vent you must vault off of to continue.

Surveillance Recording #4

At the very end of the mission, before jumping on to the zipline back to Shimmering Heights, turn around and walk through the open window behind you. Head for the black cube where you will find the recording. Note that the Mission page does not include the Recording.

Secret Bag #4

Soon after grabbing Surveillance Recording #3, you must slide down a yellow-and-black vent shaft and jump to a vertical pole. The mission continues below, but instead, climb to the top of the pole and launch yourself up to the black vent above. The bag sits in this small crevice.