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Charter Hill collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.


GridLeak #1

Near the zipline back into Centurian Yards.

GridLeak #2

Jump off the upper ledge to grab the GridLeak in midair.

GridLeak #3

Floating above a railing at the lower side of the building.

GridLeak #4

Next to a zipline back into Triumvirate Drive.

GridLeak #5

Floating above a vent.

GridLeak #6

Use your Magrope to swing and grab the GridLeak.

Electronic Parts

Electronic Part #1

At the corner of a beige building. You can find the parts underneath a zipline.

Electronic Part #2

Along the walls of a roof access behind the giant curved billboard.

Electronic Part #3

Located in a corner between a black grill and yellow-and-beige wall.

Electronic Part #4

Near the bottom of a set of stairs.

Electronic Part #5

At the lower side of the building.

Electronic Part #6

Along the wall of a yellow building. You can find it next to a ventilation shaft, underneath a catwalk.

Electronic Part #7

On the route to climb down to the streets below. Traverse the side of a building to access this little nook.

Electronic Part #8

Found further along the route down to the streets below. Located inside a building, next to an open ventilation shaft.

Electronic Part #9

On your way down to the streets, jump off the catwalk here to land on the ledge below.

Electronic Part #10

Down on the streets, inside the orange garage.


Document #1

On the roof of the building near the bridge into Centurian Yards. You can find the Document on top of a ventilation unit.

Document #2

Behind a ventilation unit near the tip of Charter Hill.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

You can find the recording sitting on top of a ventilation unit near Electronic Parts #1.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

Perform a double wall run between the vent and yellow building. You can find the bag on the ledge above.

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