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Development Zone collectibles guide

How to use this guide

We've included multiple screenshots for each collectible, including a snapshot of the map. Though the map doesn't feature a compass, and it changes its orientation depending on where you look, you can use our screenshots to find your location on the overhead map, then look around the general vicinity to spot the collectible. Note safe houses and unique architecture to help find your position in the world.


GridLeak #1

On the roof of a two-story high building.

GridLeak #2

Found on top of a single grey crate next to a high yellow crane.

GridLeak #3

Floating next to a stack of iron beams.

GridLeak #4

Inside the middle grey crate in a stack of three.

GridLeak #5

Located right outside of the Development Zone safe house.

GridLeak #6

On top of a two-story high building near the safe house.

GridLeak #7

Up on the building near some Callaghan rugs.

GridLeak #8

Up on an orange structure next to a delivery box.

GridLeak #9

On the ground between two buildings, next to some black and yellow scaffolding.

GridLeak #10

Floating above a stack of orange ramps.

GridLeak #11

Next to a very high gate.

GridLeak #12

Floating high above a short stack of black pipes next to a gate.

GridLeak #13

Inside a white Kruger tent.

GridLeak #14

Jump to the roof of the white Kruger tent to make your way to the GridLeak.

GridLeak #15

Underneath a zipline.

GridLeak #16

On the top of two-story high scaffolding.

GridLeak #17

Up a flight of stairs, underneath a catwalk.

GridLeak #18

At the top of the set of buildings, near an elevated Callaghan crate.

GridLeak #19

Inside an orange Callaghan crate held up by a crane.

GridLeak #20

On the ground floor, floating above a gate.

GridLeak #21

On the ground floor, back underneath a building.

GridLeak #22

Near a beige ramp and orange wooden railings.

GridLeak #23

Up on a platform near some scaffolding. Climb up further back near the entrance into the safe house.

GridLeak #24

On some scaffolding, next to a ladder.

GridLeak #25

At the top of the high billboard here. Floating near the tall ladder to the roof.

GridLeak #26

At the very top of the billboard, next to a zipline.

GridLeak #27

Make your way to the top of the steel beam and slide down to grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #28

Head through a door to find the GridLeak under some scaffolding.

GridLeak #29

Near Electronic Part #13. You can find it through a doorway near some cut-up drywall.

GridLeak #30

On the upper level of the building, floating outside a window near a black and yellow ramp.

GridLeak #31

At the upper level of the building, springboard off the fence to grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #32

Wall run on the scuffed wall between scaffolding to nab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #33

On the corner of the black and yellow scaffolding.

GridLeak #34

Floating on scaffolding on the second story of the building.

GridLeak #35

On the second story near some yellow and black hoses.

GridLeak #36

On scaffolding accessible from the second floor.

GridLeak #37

Found on the third floor, floating above some scaffolding.

GridLeak #38

On the third floor, up on an enclosed cage.

GridLeak #39

On the fourth floor, through a cement doorway next to a black and yellow ramp.

GridLeak #40

Floating next to a cement support beam on the fourth floor.

GridLeak #41

On the fourth floor near wooden railings.

GridLeak #42

Take the zipline on the fourth floor to grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #43

On the fourth-floor scaffolding, floating over a steel beam.

GridLeak #44

Located on the fifth floor, next to a cement support column.

GridLeak #45

On the fifth floor, floating above a white sheet on the floor.

GridLeak #46

On the fifth floor. Wall run across the white wall to grab the GridLeak.

GridLeak #47

On the fifth floor, floating above a chasm guarded by iron railings.

GridLeak #48

On the fifth floor, located above some yellow and black scaffolding.

GridLeak #49

Up on the top floor between scaffolding and a closed door.

GridLeak #50

On the top floor. Wall run to reach the small opening in the wall where you will find the GridLeak.

Electronic Parts

Electronic Part #1

Near the entrance into the Development Zone from Triumvirate Drive, near a gate.

Electronic Part #2

On a short catwalk along a blue and beige wall.

Electronic Part #3

Open the door on a blue and beige building to find the parts inside.

Electronic Part #4

Instead of sliding down the slanted roof to the underground tunnel, stick to the side balconies here to find the parts.

Electronic Part #5

Inside an orange construction zone shortly after Magroping over from the entrance into Omnistat Tunnels.

Electronic Part #6

Along the side of a short, two-story high building.

Electronic Part #7

On the first floor of an unfinished building, past some drywall.

Electronic Part #8

Next to a black and yellow staircase.

Electronic Part #9

On the ground between two orange beams.

Electronic Part #10

Head through a white Kruger tent toward an elevator down to the Omnistat Tunnels. You can find the parts right next to the elevator.

Electronic Part #11

Pull down a group of panels with the Magrope to reveal the parts. Wall run up the cement pillar to grab the ledge and shimmy your way over to the panel.

Electronic Part #12

Inside a large orange unfinished building. With only one entry, simply run straight through the area until you find the parts next to an open doorway.

Electronic Part #13

Below yellow and black scaffolding, near an open doorway.

Electronic Part #14

On the first floor next to a landing pad.

Electronic Part #15

On the fourth floor next to a set of yellow and black scaffolding.

Electronic Part #16

At the area you springboard up to grab Secret Bag #3, head to the edge of the room and jump down onto the white platform. You will be able to access the room below, where you can find the parts.


Document #1

Shortly after entering the Development Zone, you can find the document resting on top of a slatted metal floor on an orange building.

Document #2

On the fourth floor leaning against a cement support column.

Surveillance Recordings

Surveillance Recording #1

On the fifth floor of the building. You can find the recording resting on a small white box near GridLeak #40.

Surveillance Recording #2

On the upper floor of the building, next to a yellow wood railing.

Secret Bags

Secret Bag #1

Wall run up the stacked grey crates and hop over to the orange structure overtop the entrance to Omnistat Tunnels. You find the bag at the end of the ramp.

Secret Bag #2

From Electronic Part #11, wall run over to the yellow and black scaffolding to find the bag.

Secret Bag #3

When you reach the top floor of the unfinished skyscraper, pull down the panels here with your Magrope. Springboard up to the horizontal pipe above, but do not swing off of it. Instead, stop swinging and stand on the pipe to reach the perch above. You can find the bag here.

Mission: Viva La Resistance

Secret Bag #4

When you end up on yellow and black scaffolding while running from the turrets in the Development Zone — shortly before you shut them down with a console in the next room — take a left and wall run up to the platform above to find the bag. A Runner's symbol will hint the location.

Surveillance Recording #3

After shutting down the turrets shortly after entering the Development Zone, turn around to find a Surveillance Recording on the ground behind the large yellow hose.

Secret Bag #5

When you take the crane ride via Icarus, you will immediately see a Runner's symbol on the scaffolding to the right. Wall run across to reach the elevator car suspended in the air ahead. You can find the bag on top.

Surveillance Recording #4

After Icarus' crane ride, when you walk back into the building, you can pick up the recording on a small black and white box to the right.

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