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Why the biggest mobile games are released in December

Backpack Kid is also suing Epic Games over a dance in Fortnite

Fortnite patch v7.10 adds new and classic modes for the holidays

Fortnite’s newest vehicle and patch have been delayed

Fresh Prince’s Alfonso Ribeiro suing Epic Games over Fortnite Carlton Dance use

Pokémon Go maker Niantic now worth about $4 billion

Stardew Valley creator back-burners other project to focus on new content

Pokémon Go holiday event drops gifts for two weeks straight

Epic pulls overpowered Infinity Blade from Fortnite, says it ‘messed up’

The best iOS and Android games

Pokémon Go update fixes game’s tiny Rhyperior problem

Epic still doesn’t know how competitive play fits into Fortnite

Fortnite’s sword arrives in patch v7.01

Epic Games pulls Infinity Blade games from App Store

There is no way to prepare you for this bonkers Fire Emblem trailer

Marvel Strike Force’s latest update is pay-to-win mobile gaming at its worst

25 years later, Doom's legacy is its human connection

Fortnite is getting swords, starting with the Infinity Blade

Epic Games announced The Block, a new Fortnite in-game community spotlight

New Dauntless trailer reveals cross-platform releases and play

Epic Games sued for swiping ‘Milly Rock’ dance for Fortnite

Fortnite season 7 Battle Pass revealed

Afghanistan ’11, featuring US and Taliban forces, removed from App Store

5 things to know about Fortnite’s season 7 patch

Fortnite season 7 brings ziplines, a plane and new map updates

5 things to know about Fortnite’s Creative mode

Fortnite’s new creative mode coming with season 7

Pokémon Go trainer battles guide: How to fight your friends and choose a league

Tony Hawk’s new skateboarding game hits mobile on Dec. 13

Pokémon Go’s trainer battles bring true multiplayer to the game

Fortnite Season 7’s first teaser is here

Pokémon Go teasers hint at PvP battles coming soon

Stardew Valley developer splits with publisher, strikes out on his own

The mobile visual novels blowing up across Tumblr

Fortnite’s account merge feature delayed to 2019

Pokémon Go has legendary trios as December’s big research rewards

How to catch Meltan in Pokémon Go