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Flappy Bird no longer playable with iOS 11, creator says final goodbye to game

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Flappy Bird is officially dead.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of one of the iPhone’s most popular games, has confirmed he isn’t going to update the software for Apple’s newest operating system update. iOS 11 doesn’t support 32-bit apps, instead switching over to 64-bit. Nguyen could have updated the software, but said on Facebook he was ready to say goodbye to the game.

Nguyen’s confirmation that he won’t be updating the software means that those who still own the Flappy Bird app on their phone can’t update their devices and still play the game. If they do update to the next iOS, they’ll be presented with the following message when they try to open the app.

Flappy Bird debuted on the App Store on May 24, 2013. By February 2014, the free iOS game had been downloaded more than 50 million times and it was rumored that Nguyen was making more than $50,000 a day. On Feb. 8, Nguyen took to Twitter to announce that he was taking Flappy Bird off the App store, claiming he couldn’t take the controversy surrounding the success of his game.

For the next three years, smart iPhone users found ways to still update their phones and keep Flappy Bird running through backdoor methods. Due to iOS 11’s inability to support 32-bit games, however, this update marks the first time that those who managed to keep Flappy Bird around won’t be able to play it.

“My responsibility of supporting this app was finished since 2014,” Nguyen said in a Facebook comment when asked what was next. “This is just my announcement for the current event.”

If you do have Flappy Bird on your phone and want to continue using it, don’t upgrade to iOS 11 anytime soon. If you want to see what other apps won’t work with the update, open Settings and tap on the General tab. Proceed to tap on the About section and select Applications. This should tell you what will be affected by confirming they’re 32-bit.

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