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How to see which classic, 32-bit iOS games are still playable on your iPhone

A simple test will put your uncertainty to rest

Joe Danger Touch discounted to $0.99 alongside major update

Flappy Bird is just one of many 32-bit iPhone games that users who update to iOS 11 won’t be able to play anymore.

Apple’s newest operating system will no longer support 32-bit apps, a move that Apple has basically been working toward since iOS 9 in 2015. The newest operating system, iOS 11, marks the first time that 32-bit games will no longer run; previously, iPhone users were just warned that running 32-bit apps would slow down the system’s overall performance.

Some game developers, like Vlambeer, have announced their intentions to update 32-bit games (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing) to 64-bit, allowing iOS 11 users to simply download the update and continue playing. Other developers, like Hello Games, have not confirmed if older iOS games will be updated. The company’s Joe Danger Touch is one of many games that iOS users have specifically wondered about. Polygon has reached out to Hello Games to see if the developer has plans to update the game.

What about other popular, classic iOS games, though? There’s an easy way to discover which games on your current device will not work with the new update.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on the General tab
  • Tap on the About section
  • Select Applications
  • If you can’t select Applications or don’t see any apps, it means that all of your apps/games are compatible with iOS 11.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, your phone will tell you which games have been affected by the update. Developers are still working to get their games through the update process, meaning that the list of unplayable games is constantly shifting. A full list of games that currently can’t be played can be read here.