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Monster Hunter Now Hunter Rank rewards and unlocks list

Our in-progress items and rewards list as you climb through the ranks

A creature from Monster Hunter flying over a real world city Image: Niantic / Capcom

Hunter Rank is Monster Hunter Now’s leveling system, and reflects your experience as a hunter.

A staple of the main series, progressing through Hunter Ranks will reward you with consumable items such as Paintballs, as well as access to core new features.

Though progressing through the main quest will be your primary goal — especially as it expands your monster list and certain weapon types — Hunter Rank is a useful at-a-glance way to track your overall progress in Monster Hunter Now.

How to get Hunter Rank points (HRP) in Monster Hunter Now

You can earn Hunter Rank points in Monster Hunter Now by:

  • Advancing the main quest (depending on the step — ranges from 50 to 150 HRP early on)
  • Completing “daily” quests (200 HRP per quest, max three per day)
  • Defeating large monsters (10 HRP for 1*, 20 HRP for 2*, 40 HRP for 3*, 60 HRP for 4*)

The ability to gain “daily” quests (found in the Special tab) and large monsters unlocks once you hit HR11, and it’s these which will quickly become your main source of HRP.

The “daily” quest completions offer the best return for your time, and though they cap out at three per day, if there’s one thing you should do regularly, it’s log in daily and make sure you’ve completed them. The added bonus is these mainly focus on defeating large monsters, which themselves also give you a small amount of HRP.

Three Special ‘Daily’ quests in Monster Hunter Now Image: Niantic / Capcom via Polygon

Beyond that, tackling large monsters (which you’ll want to do for parts) and making steady progress through the main quest (which unlocks more monster varieties) is where you’ll gain Hunter Ranks.

So in summary — complete your dailies, progress the main story, and hoover up any large monsters in your path, and your Hunter Rank will increase in no time!

Monster Hunter Now Hunter Rank rewards and unlocks list

Here is the in-progress Hunter Rank rewards and unlocks list in Monster Hunter Now:

Monster Hunter Now Hunter Rank rewards

Rank Rewards
Rank Rewards
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 N/A
4 300 Zenny, Equipment Upgrading
5 Paintball (1), Wander Droplet (1)
6 300 Zenny, 10x Great Jagras Scale, 2x Great Jagras Claw, 8x Iron Ore, 4x Sharp Claw, 2x Flowfern, 1x Paintball, Group Hunts, Forging, Friend List,
7 2x Monster Bone S, 1x Paintball
8 1x Paintball, Palico Bag
9 1x Paintball
10 1x Paintball
11 1000 Zenny, 300 Gems, 1x Great Jagras Mane, 3 Great Jagras Claw, 1x Machalite Ore, 4x Great Jagras Scale, 1x Paintball, 2* monsters, Daily quests, Ability to gain HR Points from slaying large monsters and daily quests
12 N/A
13 N/A
14 N/A
15 Weapon types Bow, Hammer, Light Bowgun, and Long Sword
16 N/A
17 N/A
18 N/A
19 N/A
20 1000 Zenny, 1x Wander Droplet, 1x Paintball
21 N/A
22 N/A
23 N/A
24 N/A
25 N/A
26 N/A
27 N/A
28 N/A
29 N/A
30 1000 Zenny, 1x Wander Droplet, 1x Paintball
31 N/A
32 N/A
33 N/A
34 N/A
35 N/A
36 N/A
37 N/A
38 N/A
39 N/A
40 1000 Zenny, 1x Wander Droplet, 1x Paintball

More coming soon!

Looking for more advice? Our Monster Hunter Now tips and tricks page can give you some extra pointers.

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