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Monster Hunter Now weapon list and how to unlock new weapon types

There are six weapons at launch - and only one available right away

Fighters battling a Monster Hunter creature in the real world, with offices and shops in the background Image: Niantic / Polygon

Weapons are the most important tools in your Monster Hunter Now arsenal.

This mobile version of the series strips back the usual roster of weapons down to six choices at launch, locking them behind story quest progression or Hunter Rank progress.

Despite the limited number of weapons in Monster Hunter Now, there are a couple of ranged options and series staples, such as the Great Sword, giving you some variety to play around with.

Monster Hunter Now weapons list: How many weapons are there?

At launch, the roster of weapons in Monster Hunter Now is as follows:

  • Sword and Shield
  • Great Sword
  • Bow
  • Hammer
  • Light Bowgun
  • Long Sword

Developers Niantic and Capcom have confirmed new weapon types will come to the game as part of a “season system,” so for those familiar with the main series, hopefully your favorites will roll out before too long.

Though no specific new weapons have been confirmed, Dual Blades made an accidental appearance in an official newsletter within the week of launch (via OverClocked PG on reddit) — suggesting they might be first up on the list.

How to unlock new weapon types in Monster Hunter Now

Showing the Great Sword unlocking in Monster Hunter Now Image: Niantic / Capcom via Polygon

To begin with, you’ll only have access to the Sword and Shield, albeit with multiple variations by forging together parts from slaying large monsters.

To unlock new weapon types in Monster Hunter Now, you must progress through the main story quest. Specifically, you need to reach Chapter 2, where you’ll first unlock the Great Sword, and just a few steps later, the remaining roster of weapons.

Specifically, you need to reach the following points in the story:

  • To unlock the Great Sword, complete the first stage of “Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp” in the main story.
  • To unlock the Bow, Hammer, Light Bowgun, and Long Sword, reach Hunter Rank 15.

These pre-requisites aren’t too far into your Monster Hunter Now journey — requiring just a few hours of play. Of course, that might be staggered out depending on how much you’re able to explore, with many story steps based on collecting resources, which will be limited if you are playing in just a single spot.

Meanwhile, though large monsters do spawn frequently on your stationary position, making use of paintballs for when you need to complete large monster steps quickly is advised.

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