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Monster Hunter Now monster list

Creature feature

Fighters battling a Monster Hunter creature in the real world, with offices and shops in the background Image: Niantic / Polygon

Monsters in Monster Hunter Now are, as with every entry in the series, the main focus of the game, giving you new challenges to face and weapon and armor types to craft.

Starting with just a handful of large monsters to begin with, the further you progress through the main story quest, the more species you unlock.

For those who prefer to discover these at their own pace, the following page contains spoilers for the monster list in Monster Hunter Now — including whether there are original monsters coming to the series.

Monster Hunter Now monster list: How many monsters are there in Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now monster roster displayed on a blank background Image: Niantic / Capcom

To date, there are 14 monsters in Monster Hunter Now, with each species unlocking one-by-one as you progress through the story, unlocking in the following order:

  • Great Jagras
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Barroth
  • Great Girros
  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Paolumu
  • Jyuratodus
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Legiana
  • Diablos
  • Rathalos
  • Black Diablos (debuted during September’s “Diablos Invasion” event, likely event-exclusive)

Remember, if you come across a monster you cannot fight there and then, using a paintball allows you to save that encounter for later.

When will new monsters release in Monster Hunter Now?

At launch, developers Niantic and Capcom confirmed new monsters — alongside new story quests and weapon types — will be introduced to the game as part of a seasonal model, the timings of which have yet to be established beyond the tease of a big update each quarter.

The exception to this was the arrival of Black Diablos during September’s “Diablos Invasion” event, a monster which has yet to appear since — suggesting it is likely an event exclusive encounter. Either way, this means we can expect to see new monsters beyond the aforementioned seasonal updates, though the frequency of these is uncertain.

For those expecting original monsters in Monster Hunter Now, so far the launch roster consists of creatures that have debuted elsewhere in the series. However, the developers have said they would “love to include unique monsters in the game in the future.”

This is not the first Niantic game to contribute to the canon of a wider series — Pokemon Go introduced Meltan and Melmetal, for example — and it’ll be interesting to see what impact Monster Hunter Now has on the main series over time.

Until then — looking for more advice? Our Monster Hunter Now tips and tricks page can give you some extra pointers.

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