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Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to craft and auto-craft items

Items are just as important as armor and weapons

A palico is holding a box in Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

Learning how to forge armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise is an essential skill. Just as important is understanding how to craft items. While your gear will help you complete a hunt, items are what you’ll need to survive it.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you how to craft items. You can craft items one at a time from your crafting menu or create them automatically with the auto-craft option. We’ll also explain how to instantly restock your supply of items from your item box with the press of one button.

How to craft items

To begin crafting items, press the Plus (+) button to bring up your menu. From there, select Crafting List. This option has four categories:

  • All items you can craft
  • Healing and support items
  • Traps and offensive tools
  • Ranged weapon ammo and weapon coatings

As you sort through each list by pressing the L and R buttons, you can find all the items you can create. If an item has bright white text, you craft it. If an item is grayed out, that means you don’t have the crafting resources for it.

An item crafting screen from Monster Hunter Rise
One herb yields one potion
Image: Capcom via Polygon

To craft an item, select it, and then choose one of two options: craft or amount to craft.

The second option is great if you want to have a stockpile of important items like potions and antidotes. However, despite being able to create items in bulk, it’s still a chore to go into your crafting list every time you get new resources. Thankfully, there’s a way to craft items without lifting a finger.

How to auto-craft items

Instead of crafting in bulk to make sure you never run out of important items, use the auto-craft option to set and forget. When an item is set up to auto-craft, your character will automatically make whatever you choose every time that item’s necessary resources enter your inventory.

The auto-craft menu in Monster Hunter Rise
Whenever I receive a resource, these items will auto-craft
Image: Capcom via Polygon

To auto-craft an item, press the Plus button and select your Crafting List.

Highlight the item you want to autocraft, and then press the Y button to enter your sub-menu. With the sub-menu open, select auto-craft settings. After choosing that option, your cursor will move to a column on the right allowing you to tick the auto-craft box next to your selected item and any other item you want to auto-craft.

Just because you auto-crafted an item doesn’t mean that it instantly appears in your inventory during each hunt. You have to manually restock your items.

How to restock items

At the beginning of each hunt, you always start out at camp near a supply box and your tent. While the supply box always comes with a few items for your hunt, you can’t replenish your supply of important items there. You’ll need to enter your tent and interact with your item box there.

To restock items, first enter your tent, and select the item box option. Then choose manage items followed by transfer items.

The item box in Monster Hunter Rise
With the press of one button, I can restock everything in my pouch
Image: Capcom via Polygon

From this screen, you’ll see two sets of items. The window on the left shows you all the items you have on you in your item pouch. The large window on the right is your item box, and it contains all the items and resources you’ve received as rewards from hunts, as well as those you’ve foraged and crafted. To restock your item pouch from your item box, press the X button.

Restocking takes items from your surplus in your box and refills whatever is in your pouch to each item’s 10 piece maximum. If you’ve run out of key items, you can always take them out of your item box and place them into your pouch.

If you’ve been auto-crafting items throughout all your hunts, you’ll eventually develop a large cache of items in your item box. Whenever you dive into your item box, either from the village or a tent at the start of a hunt, you can quickly restock all your valuable items to ensure you are well-equipped to take on any of the game’s monsters.