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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Economic Stimulation Request walkthrough

Collect the King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms in Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns

Submarine cats dance in Monster Hunter Rise after Economic Stimulation Request Image: Capcom via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Rondine the Trader and her Argosy trade ship will let you request special items like honey or herbs from the world. But to collect these items, you’ll need submarines to send your buddies off in.

You’ll get your first submarine early and unlock your second via a short, easy Request. (If you need help unlocking your second sub, check out Arekkz’s guide.) But toward the end of Monster Hunter Rise, Rondine will offer you the Economic Stimulation Request to get your third and final submarine. You need to collect some rare items to complete the Request: 1 King Rhino, 3 Rock Roses, and 3 Bismuth Prisms.

If you know where to look, you can grab all of these items in about 10 minutes — including loading times. But if you’re just hoping to encounter them in the wild while you’re hunting, you might never finish this Request.

In this Monster Hunter Rise Economic Stimulation Request guide, we’ll show you the map locations of the King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms.

Table of contents

King Rhino map location

Flooded Forest | Economic Stimulation

A hunter looks for the King Rhino in the Flooded Forest in Monster Hunter Rise
You’ll need to blow open a doorway in the pyramid
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Finding the King Rhino is easy, but getting there is a bit harder. Before you leave Kamura Village, craft a Barrel Bomb using a Fire Herb and a Small Barrel. You can purchase both Barrel Bombs and Large Barrel Bombs from the Market if you don’t feel like crafting. Set your new explosives in your inventory loadout, and head out on a High Rank Expedition to the Flooded Forest.

A hunter blows open a doorway for the King Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise
Use Barrel Bomb on this blocked door to reach the King Rhino
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Make your way to the giant pyramid in the corner of the map (it’s pretty tough to miss). Run around the pyramid, and climb the steps until you reach the first doorway. Use your Wirebug to climb up another leg of the pyramid until you’re almost at the top. You’ll find another doorway here, but this one has rubble blocking the entrance. Place your Barrel Bomb next to the rubble, and hit it with your weapon to make it explode, clearing the rubble.

A hunter grabs the Shining Rhino node in Monster Hunter Rise
Grab the Shining Rhino to pick up the King Rhino
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Walk into the pyramid, and look for a beetle sitting on the wall — the node’s official name is Shining Rhino. This is the King Rhino. Grab it, select the Complete Quest option in the menu, and return to Kamura Village.

There are other beetles like this in the map, but the top of the pyramid is where we found ours.

Rock Roses map locations

Sandy Plains | Economic Stimulation

A Hunter searches through the Desert Rose for a Rock Rose in Monster Hunter Rise
The Desert Rose blends into walls. Search it for a chance at a Rock Rose
Image: Capcom via Polygon

The Rock Roses are in Sandy Plains. Unlike the King Rhino, you don’t need anything extra for this, so just set out on a High Rank Expedition to Sandy Plains when you’re ready.

The Rock Roses are random drops from the Desert Rose nodes (you can search for these nodes specifically if you open your map and select “Desert Rose” from the Icon List map menu). We found three Desert Roses that are relatively easy to get to. If you don’t get the Rock Roses you need from these, return to Kamura Village and reload into a Sandy Plains Expedition.

A hunter looks for the Rock Roses in the Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter World
The Rock Roses come out of the Desert Rose nodes
Image: Capcom via Polygon

We’ve labeled the following Desert Rose nodes on the map above:

  1. Use your Wirebug to climb the rocks just left of your starting camp. The Desert Rose is sitting on a cliff in Area 2.
  2. In Area 12, you’ll find a Desert Rose node on the small rock island north of the fighting arena. Jump over with your Wirebug and look on the back side of the dilapidated wall.
  3. Just south of Area 10, use your Wirebug to climb to the very peak of the mountain. There’s a Desert Rose node sitting at the top.

Hit the Complete Quest button when you’re done, and return to Kamura Village.

Bismuth Prisms map locations

Lava Caverns | Economic Stimulation

A Hunter mines Iridescent Ore to get Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise
Look for the colorful Iridescent Ore nodes for a chance at Bismuth Prisms
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Grabbing the Bismuth Prisms work similarly to the Rock Roses. You’re looking for Iridescent Ore nodes in Lava Caverns (which you can mark using the Icon List option on your map). The Bismuth Prisms are random drops from the Iridescent Ore nodes, so you may need to reload the Lava Caverns map if you don’t get the three you need.

Launch your High Rank Expedition to the Lava Caverns when you’re ready to go mining for Bismuth Prisms. Follow the map below to find a few Iridescent Ore nodes.

A hunter finds the Bismuth Prisms in Lava Caverns in Monster Hunter Rise
Look for the Iridescent Ore nodes in Lava Caverns
Image: Capcom via Polygon
  1. The first Iridescent Ore node is in Area 6. South of the number (and the Lava Caverns sub-camp, if you’ve unlocked it) you’ll find a broken bridge. Jump onto a small cliff under the broken bridge to find your first Iridescent Ore node.
  2. Area 6 looks like a crescent moon. If you follow the area to its very tip, you’ll find another Iridescent Ore node sitting on the mountain.
  3. Area 10 features a long, winding path along the river of lava. Climb the rocks until you reach the northern part of Area 10 — just south of Area 11 on the map — and you’ll find the last Iridescent Ore node.

Once you have all three Bismuth Prisms, return to Rondine and the Argosy to unlock your third submarine.