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Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to progress Village Rank and Hub Rank

Rank up

Credit: Capcom via Polygon

Monster Hunter Rise offers two different styles of progression which are locked to the Hub and Village. Newcomers to the series should err on the side of caution when deciding which avenue they would like to pursue first. Before our guide dives into how to progress your Village and Hub Rank in Monster Hunter Rise, you can find a breakdown of what both options have to offer.

The Village

The Village is one of two progression paths in Monster Hunter Rise. This is primarily linked to the story during your first handful of hours with the game, and it mostly serves as a tutorial.

Newcomers should progress the Village Rank first so they will receive proper tutorials on the tower defense style Rampage Mode and other features in Rise.

Additional benefits to leveling your Village Rank include the option to unlock more dango variations, which will make hunts or expeditions significantly more efficient. As the game’s release, Village Rank stops at Rank 6.

The Hub

The Hub is the second line of progression in Monster Hunter Rise. Progression in the Hub is more in line with Monster Hunter titles on the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo 3DS, which has less story and more or less immediately lets you jump into hunts.

These hunts are somewhat more challenging than those accepted through Hinoa in the Village. Hub quests won’t provide tutorials, so please keep this in mind before diving in. Veterans will more than likely feel more at home with this style of progression, so if you’re feeling confident, then you can easily jump into this right away. The main story will eventually intermingle with the Hub quests starting at Rank 6.

Village and Hub Ranks

To progress your Village and Hub Rank, you need to accept quests from the respective quest givers. Talk to Hinoa in the Village Steelworks location and Minoto in the Hub Prep Area to pick up the respective quests.

The red icon next to the quest name indicates that it’s a rank up quest. The top right of your screen indicates how many quests you need to increase your Village or Hub Rank. As you can see in the screenshot below, four quests remain to increase Hub Progress.

Credit: Capcom via Polygon

Speaking to either Hinoa or Minoto will bring up the quest menu. Low Rank and High Rank quests are available to pick from in Monster Hunter Rise. Players need to obtain Hunter Rank 4 to unlock High Rank quests. The Village and Hub do not need to be progressed together. This means that you can unlock High Rank quests in the Hub before unlocking High Rank quests in the Village, for example.

You must complete an Urgent Quest to increase your rank. Urgent quests are marked with red speech bubbles in the quest list. More than one Urgent Quest can appear during progression, so just because one pops up doesn’t mean that you will immediately receive a rank up. You must complete all Hub Progress quests to unlock the specific Urgent Quest.