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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Rampage quest tips and tricks

Earn unique rewards

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage counter gong Credit: Capcom via Polygon

Rampage quests are a new series of challenges unique to Monster Hunter Rise. Effectively a tower defense mode, Rampage quests allow players to manage turrets and other helpful artillery while still being able to dive directly into the fray.

Rampage quests give players unique rewards, and they allow for gathering multiple different kinds of monster materials at a time. The game provides a basic tutorial for this mode when progressing your Village Rank, and you can read our tips for Rampage quests below.

Treat Rampage Quests like a Hunt

Since you can take on monsters directly to help defend Kamura village, make sure you’re adequately prepared.

Make sure to stock up on healing items and eat dango before you head out.

Keep in mind you cannot capture monsters during Rampage quests, so leave your traps behind. However, taking barrel bombs, flash bombs, and enhancement items like demondrugs and armorskins are highly effective in High Rank Rampage quests.

Always use your Counter Signal

The Counter Signal in Monster Hunter Rise allows you to deal immense amounts of damage to any monster currently on the field. The Counter Signal only affects your attacks and does not increase the attacks of artillery or installations.

You can activate the Counter Signal by hitting the Counter Gong found at specific areas on the Rampage quest map. However, your attacks will only be empowered for a limited amount of time, so make sure that you make these moments count. You can use this time to quickly wipe out monsters and even knock Apex monsters out of potentially disastrous attacks.

Make use of Limited Summons

Upon leveling up in the Rampage quest, you will unlock various installation types, and even receive upgrades. One of the most beneficial installation types appears as Limited Summons.

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Mode Fugen limited summons Credit: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll be able to pick from characters like Fugen the Elder, Hinoa and Minoto, and Master Utsushi to name just a few. Each summon provides a different kind of skill. For example, Fugen the Elder will unleash one extremely powerful attack, whereas Hinoa and Minoto will stick around for a few seconds to deal major damage to enemies in the area.

Place these summons around clusters of monsters, especially if they’re directly attacking your gate. Additionally, only some summons will be available to use at certain stages, so don’t be frugal. If you’re feeling like the situation might be dire, then go ahead and summon.

Reposition installations

There are various installation points found on the three different stages in Rampage quests. After completing each stage, you’ll have an allotted period of time to restock on items and relocate installations. Take this time to do so, or even do so during combat when upgrades are available.

If you feel like certain installation placements aren’t working for you, don’t be afraid to move things around. Just go to an installation platform, hold A to remove it, and then press A to install a new one.

Don’t remove your Counter Gong, though. Keep that in place until you use it.

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