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Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to farm items at the Argosy

Get items like honey without lifting a finger

Rondine from The Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

The best way to survive in Monster Hunter Rise is to avoid getting hit by your enemies. The second best way to survive is to have a steady supply of healing items for all the times you get mashed in the face.

While you can spend plenty of time on hunts finding the best path through locales to get endemic life and healing items, it’s time-consuming. Not only that, but if you try gathering important items like honey on hunts, you’ll realize that you can never really find enough to have a surplus. So how to you keep a stockpile of items without wasting your time gathering all day?

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you how to use the Argosy to farm items. We’ll explain you how to use submarines to gather items you need without lifting a finger, and how to unlock more submarine slots.

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What is the Argosy?

At the back of the Buddy Plaza is the Argosy, a merchant vessel run by Rondine the Trader. While you can trade village points for random items she has at her station, you’ll want to order items from her submarines to farm for important items.

A ship docked at shore in Monster Hunter Rise
In time, you can have three submarines
Image: Capcom via Polygon

At the start of Monster Hunter Rise, Rondine will have a single submarine for you to place a palico or palamute in. Once you have a buddy at the helm, you can set that partner out on an adventure to find specific crafting items that you ordered.

As you go on hunts, your buddy will passively gather that one item, as well as random items. In time, your pal will have a stockpile of items waiting for you back at the Argosy. Using the order items function at Rondine’s station is a great way to farm for items like honey which is part of one of the best healing items in the game, Mega-Potions.

How to order items

To order items from Rondine, speak to her, choose Order Items > Trade Requests, and then pick an empty submarine slot.

Rondine from Monster Hunter Rise
Each buddy can find just one item
Image: Capcom via Polygon

You’ll then have two options. Choosing Ready will allow you to choose the palico or palamute you want to send out on the submarine. The higher the buddy’s level, the better it’ll be at finding items.

Next, you’ll select an item for them to search for.

Rondine from Monster Hunter Rise
There are only a few items you can order
Image: Capcom via Polygon

There are only three classes of items your buddies can gather:

  • Seeds includes those that give buffs like adamant seeds and ones used for ammo crafting like latchberries.
  • Bug-related items, bugs, or mushrooms, where you can get bug byproducts like spider webs and honey or just specific bugs like godbugs. You can also find certain mushrooms like blue mushrooms.
  • Herbs and fish, where you can find a few herbs like the standard kind used for potions or ones to make antidotes with. Otherwise, you can look for popfish or scatterfish.

After you’ve chosen your buddy and item, select Confirm to begin trading. Once set, your companion will go off and search for that item. Upon returning from quests, you will begin accumulating a stockpile of the item you requested at the Argosy.

You can retrieve those goods at any time without recalling your buddy. Just choose Order items > Take, and you can gather items while your buddy continues to get more of them.

You can also increase the amount of items your buddies will return with by choosing the Buddy Bargaining option.

Rondine from Monster Hunter Rise
Bargaining can help you get more items
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Depending on your buddy’s level, you can spend village points to increase the amount of items they obtain for a short amount of time. These boosts don’t last forever, so you can set up bargaining again at the end of each quest. If you have any Lagniapples, you can further boost the Buddy Bargaining results.

How to get more submarines at the Argosy

When you start the game, you’ll only have one submarine at your disposal. However, you can unlock two more submarines at the Argosy by completing two side quests for Rondine.

As you progress through Monster Hunter Rise, the trader will offer you two fetch quests. Upon finding the items she needs, she’ll unlock a new submarine for use.

One of the quests, Cultural Exchange, requires you to deliver 3 wisplanterns and 3 boatshells. The other request, Economic Stimulation, is a bit more challenging. You’ll need to find 1 king rhino, 3 rock roses, and 3 bismuth prisms.

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