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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Cultural Exchange Request walkthrough

Collect the Wisplanterns and Boatshells in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands

A palico jumps above water in Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

In Monster Hunter Rise, Rondine the Trader and the Argosy merchant ship is where you’ll go to request unique items like honey and herbs. To increase the amount of items you can collect, you’ll need to unlock more submarines at her station.

Your first submarine becomes available early in the game. The second one becomes available to unlock once Rondine gives you the quest, Cultural Exchange. Later on, a third submarine becomes available upon completing the quest, Economic Stimulation.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you the steps to unlocking your first submarine. To complete the Cultural Exchange quest, you need to travel to the Shrine Ruins and the Frost Islands to find 3 Wisplanterns and 3 Boatshells.


Wisplantern map location

Shrine Ruins | Cultural Exchange

Wisplanterns can be found in the Shrine Ruins. The easiest way to find them is to load up a High Rank Expedition Tour. You can find Wisplanterns randomly when gathering at a Shimmering Red Berry plant.

Shimmering Red Berry locations in Monster Hunter Rise
Gather Wisplanterns at Shimmering Red Berry locations
Image: Capcom via Polygon

If you’ve unlocked the Shrine Ruins sub-camp, you’ll find two Shimmering Red Berry plants right next to camp. Keep gathering at these plants until you gather the three Wisplanterns Rondine requested. When you’re done, complete the quest to head back to the village.

Boatshell map location

Frost Islands | Cultural Exchange

Boatshells can be found in the Frost Islands. Head on a High Rank Expedition Tour to find these items. You can find Boatshells randomly when gathering at an Oyster Bed.

Oyster Bed locations in Monster Hunter Rise
Gather Boatshells at Oyster Bed locations
Image: Capcom via Polygon

You can find several Oyster Beds close to the main camp. Continue scouring these gathering spots until you’ve obtained the 3 Boatshells you need. When you’re done, complete the tour and head back to the village.

When you have all the items Rodine needs, speak with her at the Argosy. You will complete the quest and she’ll unlock another submarine you can use to farm items.

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