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Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to unlock more submarines at the Argosy

How to complete the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation side quests

Rodine at the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can farm items at the Argosy to develop a surplus of important resources. However, at the start of the game, you only have a single submarine that allows you to gather items.

To increase the amount of items you can passively gain while hunting, you’ll need to unlock more submarines by completing two side quests.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you how to unlock more submarines at the Argosy, and we’ll explain how to complete both the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation requests for Rodine.

Then, after you complete what you need to gather for each quest, speak to Rondine and she’ll unlock a new submarine for you.

Table of Contents

How to complete Cultural Exchange

The first quest you must complete to unlock a submarine is called Cultural Exchange. All you need to do is find 3 wisplanterns and 3 boatshells.

Wisplanterns can be found randomly when you gather at a Shimmering Red Berry plant during a High Rank Expedition Tour of the Shrine Ruins.

Boatshells can be discovered randomly when you search through an Oyster Bed on a High Rank Expedition Tour of the Frost Islands.

How to complete Economic Stimulation

To unlock the second submarine, you must complete the Economic Stimulation quest. You need to find 1 king rhino, 3 rock roses, and 3 bismuth prisms.

The king rhino can be found at the peak of the pyramid in area 3 of the Flooded Forest. Before heading over to that location via a High Rank Expedition Tour, be sure to craft a barrel bomb by combining a fire herb and a small barrel. Use these items to break open the crumbled door at the top of this structure.

The rock roses are scattered throughout Sandy Plains. Head over to that location on a High Rank Expedition Tour, and search for a desert rose gathering spot. These items are randomly found here, so keep searching through the limited locations until you get the three rock roses you need.

The bismuth prisms are located in the Lava Caverns. On a High Rank Expedition Tour, keep an eye out for iridescent ore gathering spots. There are a limited amount of these locations on the map above, so keep searching until you randomly receive the three bismuth prisms you need.

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