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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Best Shrine Ruins permabuffer routes

Fill your petalace with spiribirds for attack, defense, health, and stamina boosts

Monster Hunter Rise guide: Best Shrine Ruins permabuffer routes Image: Capcom via Polygon
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In Monster Hunter Rise, your petalace (a piece of equipment) and spiribirds (a kind of endemic life) interact to give you free boosts to your attack, defense, health, and stamina. These buffs are called permabuffers. It’s optional to collect them, but skipping this step at the beginning of any expedition means you’re not as strong as you could be.

In this Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruins permabuffers guide, we’ll give you a quick explanation of how petalaces work, a map of all spiribirds in the area, and a couple routes to lead you past a lot of permabuffers, no matter where you’re heading to hunt. These permabuffers will give you a great head start when hunting Great Izuchi, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Great Wroggi, Arzuros, Aknosom, Tetradon, Bishaten, Pukei-Pukei, Rathians, or Tobi-Kadachi in the Shrine Ruins.

Petalaces and spiribirds

Petalaces are a piece of equipment in Monster Hunter Rise. These charm bracelets collect pollen from spiribirds to grant boosts to your attack (red spiribirds), defense (orange spiribirds), health (green spiribirds), and stamina (yellow spiribirds).

The petalace you’re wearing determines the maximum benefit you can get from permabuffers. For example, the first petalace you get, the hunting petalace 1, maxes out at 30 health, 30 stamina, 5 attack up, and 10 defense up.

You’ll get new petalaces by progressing through Monster Hunter Rise.

Shrine Ruins permabuffers map

Monster Hunter Rise guide: Best Shrine Ruins permabuffer spiribirds routes
Two routes to collect spiribirds for permabuffers.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Depending on where your expedition or hunt leads you — where a given monster spawns on the map, for example — you could end up anywhere in the Shrine Ruins. Regardless of where you’re heading, though, it’s worth taking a little time to collect spiribirds for the attack, defense, health, and stamina permabuffers they provide.

In the map above, there are two routes highlighted. The blue route along the western edge of the map takes you over the ridges and up the waterfall from location 2 to location 10. The reddish-pink route heads more to the east, picking up a few spiribirds in location 1 before heading through location 3 and the titular ruins at location 7.