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Monster Hunter Rise: Zenny farming guide

What to sell to make money fast

Kagero the Merchant from Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

Money (zenny) doesn’t really become a concern in Monster Hunter Rise until you get to High Rank. Many of the armor sets and weapons cost a lot of money in addition to needing rare crafting items. You’ll need plenty of zenny to craft and buy everything in this game. So how do you get loads of it?

In this Monster Hunter Rise zenny farming guide, we’ll show you how to farm zenny — including an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of zenny in a few minutes with minimal effort. We’ll also explain what gear you need to get to cut down on the time it takes to amass your wealth.

Table of contents

What gear do you need to farm zenny?

To begin farming zenny in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to max out two skills: Geologist and Botanist.

Each level of the Geologist skill allows you to gather an extra resource from Mining Outcrops per level. With a maxed out Geologist skill at Lv 3, you’ll be able to pull up to four resources from each Mining Outcrop. We’ll use this talent to mine dozens of pieces of ore in minutes.

You’ll also need to max out Botanist at Lv 4. While this technique won’t rely on plant life to make money, you will need it to help speed up the process. Although Botanist Lv 1 allows you to pull an extra herb when gathering, the levels above it allow you to pull extra fruits, nuts, and seeds, which is what you’re looking for. At Lv 4, you’ll gain extra resources in a single gather.

The Create Decorations menu in Monster Hunter Rise
You can also boost your stats with decorations
Image: Capcom via Polygon

To get Geologist and Botanist to their max levels, here are the pieces of armor that will add one point to either Geologist or Botanist:

Geologist armor

  • Leather Headgear S
  • Leather Gloves S
  • Leather Pants S

Botanist armor

  • Chainmail Headgear S
  • Chainmail Gloves S
  • Chainmail Belt S
  • Chainmail Pants S
  • Leather Vest S

Since there is no way to max out both skills with armor alone, you’ll need to slot in either a Geology Jewel 1 or Botany Jewel 1 into any decoration slots you have in your High Rank armor to boost them both to their max levels.

With Geologist at Lv 3 and Botanist at Lv 4, you can begin farming zenny.

Zenny farming locations

Farming zenny in Monster Hunter Rise requires you to follow a specific route in a High Rank Expedition Tour in the Gathering Hub under certain conditions.

When speaking to Minoto at the Gathering Hub, choose “A Tour of the Caverns” from the Expedition Tour Menu. Once selected, press the R button to inspect the Locale Info tab, and check out what upsurge is listed. These change randomly after each completed quest.

To farm zenny, you need an Upsurge: Mining Outcrops.

A menu screen from Monster Hunter Rise
This method requires an upsurge of Mining Outcrops
Image: Capcom via Polygon

If this expedition doesn’t have an upsurge of Mining Outcrops, reset the tour. To do that, complete a mission quickly. That’s where having max level Botanist comes in handy.

How to reset quests

If your Lava Caverns expedition doesn’t have an upsurge of Mining Outcrops, you’ll have to reset what appears in your tour. To do that, you have to complete a quest elsewhere.

While you can do a full hunt to reset the quest, that would be too time-consuming. Instead, find a quest that you can complete quickly. And being a max level Botanist is the key.

The quickest quest to complete is “Roly-poly Lanterns,” a level one village quest that you can get from Hinoa. To complete it, you need to gather 8 Firelanterns. With your Botanist at its max level, you can complete this quest within seconds.

Shrine Ruins map in Monster Hunter Rise showing Shimmering Red Berry locations for the “Roly-poly Lanterns” quest.
Your objectives are the green dots, each of which is a Shimmering Red Berry location, from which you might pull a Firelantern.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Once you load into the quest, pull up your map by holding the Minus (-) button. All the spots where you can gather Firelanterns will be highlighted with a green dot. Each of these spots represent a Shimmering Red Berry gathering spot.

When you interact with the gathering spot, you have a chance to pull a Firelantern. Since you have Botanist level four, each time you interact with it, you’ll pull up to three or four items in a single gather. Since Firelanterns randomly appear in Shimmering Red Berries, you may get one or more of them from each gathering spot.

To complete this quest as quick as possible, head to the Shrine Ruins sub-camp first. From there, you’ll find three Shimmering Red Berry spots. If you’re lucky, you might get all eight Firelanterns from only two gathers. If not, head to the nearby spots to continue gathering. Either way, you should be able to complete this quest within seconds.

After you get all eight Firelanterns, the quest will end automatically, and you’ll get sent back to the village.

When you return, head back to the Gathering Hub to see if the High Rank Lava Caverns Expedition Tour has an upsurge of Mining Outcrops. If so, then it’s time to farm.

How to farm zenny

To farm zenny in the Lava Caverns Expedition Tour, you’ll need to follow a specific path. Our maps below will guide you, or you can watch this video guide from gajin hunter on YouTube, which helped to inspire our guide.

Before you begin, keep in mind that upsurges only last 10 minutes. So the moment you load into the Lava Caverns Expedition Tour, you will only have a brief amount of time to farm for ore. Your first attempt will go slow as you follow this guide, but once you memorize the path, you’ll be able to do two or more loops around this farming path.

The goal is to maximize the amount of ore we gather in 10 minutes. Once the tour is complete, you will sell all the ore you gathered for tons of zenny.

Throughout the path below, you’ll be following our direction to hit the Mining Outcrops we describe.

Main camp to first drop

A zenny farming map in Monster Hunter Rise Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon
  1. Starting from the main camp, head directly north through Area 1. Then immediately turn right, scale the wall, and grab the first Mining Outcrop at Area 4.
  2. Head north toward Area 5 to grab the ore there. Then drop off the cliff to your right to find some more ore against the wall below you.
  3. Continue along the path toward Area 12. Then through to Area 10, dropping down through the large hole here.
  4. Fall all the way down toward your left until you see a cavern below filled with water.

Lower level caverns

A zenny farming map in Monster Hunter Rise Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon
  1. As you enter the water-filled cavern, head to your left toward Area 9, where you’ll see a tunnel with some lava along the walls. There’s a Mining Outcrop along the wall to the right.
  2. Immediately turn around and head the opposite direction, going north toward Area 11. Hop up a small step and grab the Mining Outcrop along the wall to the left.
  3. Keep going forward toward Area 11 and up the vines to your right in the area filled with lava.
  4. As you reach the top, jump off of your Palamute, and find the small hole in the cavern wall to your left near the Permabuff. Head inside.
  5. Inside is a Mining Outcrop in the center of the room. Grab that and look up, and to your right. You’ll find a small opening. Use a Wirebug to scale the wall and run through the hole.
  6. Follow the tunnel along to your left. You’ll find two more Mining Outcrops.
  7. After those two, you’ll see a ledge to your upper right. Use your Wirebug to head up there to find yet another outcrop.
  8. After you’ve grabbed that, fast travel to sub-camp 2.

Sub-camp 2 upper and lower levels

A zenny farming map in Monster Hunter Rise Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon
  1. From Lava Caverns sub-camp 2, take your Palamute and run northwest toward Area 6. Jump off the ledge toward a rocky spike. There’s a mining crop behind that along the wall.
  2. Turn to your right (southeast) and jump down into the lake below and head east toward the wall. Scale the wall with your Wirebug and find a small platform in the area that has colorful bushes on top. There you’ll find another outcrop.
  3. The final outcrop is located to the east across the big gap. To your east are two ledges. You want to use your Wirebug to jump up to the upper ledge. You’ll find the last outcrop along a wall there.

With this final outcrop mined, fast travel back to the main camp and start over.

As you become familiar with this route, you’ll be able to complete a full run before the Mining Outcrops respawn. They usually take a few minutes, so if you’ve headed back to the first outcrop and there’s nothing there, wait a few seconds and it will respawn in front of you.

Once you’re able to do at least two runs within the 10 minute time frame, drop off items from your pouch in the main camp at the start of your third run. You can only hold so many items in your pouch so after two runs, you’ll max out what you can carry. When you enter your camp, you’ll empty your pockets and place everything into your much larger item box. From there you can sell those items back at the village via your item box.

After about 10 minutes, a pop-up will appear saying, “Locale Info updated.” That means Mining Outcrops will no longer respawn. Continue your run until you encounter an outcrop that does not spawn anything new within a few seconds.

To complete your mining run, enter your menu and select the yellow “Complete Quest” text. You’ll head back to the village with dozens of pieces of ore in your pouch and item box.

The Guild Store from Monster Hunter Rise
Sell ore for a lot of zenny
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Back at the village, head to any of the merchants to sell your ore. You’ll find that you have dozens of ore that can net hundreds of thousands of zenny at once. Be careful, though: You may not want to sell ore that comes from Mining Outcrops specific to certain locales, as they are needed to craft rare items.