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Monster Hunter Rise guide: How to lock on

Change your camera style to keep your eye on a target

an armored man riding an animal in Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom

The various creatures in Monster Hunter Rise don’t make fighting them easy. As you take on these behemoths, many of them will dash, jump, and zip around the screen. Monsters like Magnamalo can even fly around and dive bomb you. To succeed in defeating these beasts, you need to keep an eye on them.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll explain how to lock on targets. We’ll show you the various camera style settings that alter how you lock onto monsters. We’ll also go into detail about how to use each style of the game’s lock on enemy system.

How to lock on target

There are two types of lock on systems in Monster Hunter Rise: Target Camera and Focus Camera.

To change which style of lock on you are using, press the Plus Button (+) to enter your menus, and then navigate to Options > Camera > Camera Style.

Target Camera

Target Camera lets you quickly focus on a monster at the press a button. At the start of a hunt, you won’t be locked on to any creature. By pressing the Right Stick button in, you can cycle through the target monsters on your map. With a monster selected, tap the L Button to swing the camera around to lock onto your target. A red reticle will briefly appear, and the game will temporarily take control of the camera, placing the monster in the center of your screen. Afterward, you’ll resume manual control of the camera.

This is a great system to use for most players. While most monsters aren’t hard to track while in combat, some highly mobile creatures sometimes move faster than you can follow. The Target Camera system makes it easy to make sure you don’t lose sight of a monster while manipulating the camera on your own.

A red reticle on Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise
Magnamalo is my focus, so the camera sticks to them
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Focus Camera

Focus Camera constantly keeps the camera focused on a monster when you’re nearby. To toggle which target gets focus, press the Right Stick button to switch between enemies.

When you have a monster selected, it will stay in focus when you’re near it. You don’t need to press any buttons. The moment the monster is within a certain range, the camera will snap to it and constantly keep it at the center of your screen, no matter how you move around it.

This system is great for players with less experience moving a camera around quickly. It’s also a good lock on control scheme for players using ranged weapons. Since the game automatically keeps the monster centered on your screen, it reduces the amount of aiming you’ll need to do. Focus Camera allows you to easily strafe around an enemy while you take shots at them.

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