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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Where to get commendation tickets

How to farm commendation tickets

Hinoa from Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

There are a lot of crafting materials you need to forge and upgrade armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. You can get some of the best materials can defeating or capturing monsters. However, some items don’t have a clear origin and require special quests to obtain.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll show you how to get commendation tickets, explain which quests they come from, and offer our advice on the best missions to farm commendation tickets.

What are commendation tickets?

Commendation tickets are a rare crafting item received as a quest reward. Their item description reads:

A ticket awarded for showing courage. Collect them and maybe wonderful things will happen!

A weapon description in Monster Hunter Rise
To forge this dog gun, you’ll need a commendation ticket
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Commendation tickets are a material used to craft or upgrade different weapons. In most cases, a piece of gear only needs one commendation ticket (in addition to other crafting materials) to forge. They’re often some of the more peculiar and powerful weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to get and farm commendation tickets

While there are dozens of missions to go on that are difficult and worthy of courageous acts, it isn’t clear which missions reward commendation tickets. However our experience shows that quests that involve two or more monsters can reward you with these items.

Not every quest that has two or more monsters will reward a commendation ticket. Based on our testing, we found that the Lv. 6 village quests are the easiest place to farm them.

While some hub quests also reward them, doing the solo village quests are easier because the monsters are weaker. Considering that you have to fight two monsters to finish the quest, village quests offer the quickest path to farming commendation tickets.

The following Lv. 6 village quests can reward commendation tickets:

  • A Test of Courage — Hunt a Magnamalo and Zinogre
  • Like a Flash of Lightning — Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi and Mizutsune
  • King of the Sky, Bane of the Land — Hunt a Rathalos and a Tigrex

After defeating or capturing both creatures, your quest will end. Among your rewards, you’ll receive a single commendation ticket for completing the mission. You can repeat these quests to farm commendation tickets.

To make farming easier, consider forging the Armortalon and Powertalon to gain the most strength and defense. You should also set up a dango order to maximize strength.

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