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Monster Hunter Rise guide: Talisman melding and farming

How to get talisman skills

A melding pot from Monster Hunter Rise Image: Capcom via Polygon

There are several ways to get powerful armor skills in Monster Hunter Rise. You could forge armor, create decorations, or use the melding pot to create talismans.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ll explain how to create talismans, help you understand the melding process, and give you some tips on how talisman farming works.

What is talisman melding?

Talismans are an additional piece of gear you can wear that add extra armor skills to your hunter. You can’t buy talismans. You must create them different melding pots and crafting materials.

The gain access to talisman melding, you need to raise your Village or Hub Rank. Once you get your Village Rank to Lv.5 or your Hub Rank to Lv. 3, the Melding Pot will become available at the merchants.

Throughout Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll gain new Melding Pots. Each pot lets you create unique talismans that have a chance of having a skill of your choice.

Creating a talisman in Monster Hunter Rise
I have a 10% chance of creating a talisman with the Weakness Exploit skill
Image: Capcom via Polygon

The skills available at each Melding Pot have varying chances of being attached to the talisman you meld, based on their rarity or power. For instance, a strong skill like Weakness Exploit only has a 10% chance of being created when melding. When using that pot to try and create this talisman, there’s a 90% chance of getting a talisman with a totally different skill.

Talisman melding

To meld a talisman:

  1. Go to a merchant, and select Melding Pot.
  2. Choose one of the Melding Pots you’ve unlocked.
  3. Choose an armor skill you’d like to create. (Remember that each pot has different skills.)
  4. Based on the strength of the skill, you’ll have to satisfy a different point value using any crafting materials you have. Rare crafting materials, like Defender Tickets, have higher point values than more common items.
  5. After you meet or exceed the point value, confirm your choice and begin melding.

To finish the melding process, you must complete quests. While you can have several talismans queued up to meld, you can only receive one new talisman per completed quest.

Monster Hunter Rise guide: Talisman melding and farming item results list
The results of my melding didn’t yield what I hoped for.
Image: Capcom via Polygon

Once you’ve finished a mission, you’ll get a notification telling you that the melding process is complete. Go back to the merchant, and choose Melding Pot > Take Talismans. From there, you’ll end up at the Melding Results screen.

Remember that each talisman you chose to meld only has a chance of being created. Despite choosing to create a talisman and giving it good materials, you may end up with totally different items. If you really want a specific talisman, you’ll have to farm for them.

Talisman farming

As long as you have crafting materials to create talismans, the only barrier to farming talismans is finishing quests fast.

For advice on the quickest way to complete a mission, we can refer to the “how to reset quests” section of our zenny farming guide. In that guide, we explain that playing the mission “Roly-poly Lanterns” with a specific set of gear can end the quest in mere seconds.

Since Roly-Poly Lanterns is a Lv. 1 Village Hub quest, you can quickly place a few items to meld at Kagero the Merchant, and then pick up the quest from Hinoa. From there, you can quickly complete this quest and farm your talismans from the merchant in the village.

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