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Essential Monster Hunter: World inventory items

Collecting to craft potions and nutrients


Sorting through all of the items in Monster Hunter: World can be a pain. You have to be discerning with your equipment because having the right items can mean the difference between a lengthy restart and a successful mission. In this guide, we’ll teach you about the most efficient items in Monster Hunter: World, how to find them and how to use them.


Keep the maximum 10 potions (crafted with herbs) allowed on your hunter at all times. You never know when you need to guzzle one down and get some health back. Note that you need to finish drinking a potion to get the full effect. Also, remember that you can run while drinking potions.


While the potion limit can seem, well, limiting out in the field, there are ways around it. You can also carry 10 mega potions (use potions and honey to craft), which are essentially just an upgraded version of potions. Smartly consuming them is key. You don’t want to over heal a small amount of damage with a mega potion. Only use what you need.

Max potions (mega nutrients and mandragora) are also an option. Just remember that, while they refill your health entirely, they also increase your maximum health bar. Don’t consume them like candy.

Craft to circumvent the system

It’s true that there is a limit to the items you can have while on a mission or expedition, but you can also consume those items and craft your stock back up with your stash.


The best way to game the system is to keep lots of herbs and honey on hand. As soon as you gulp down a few potions, head to the crafting menu to instantly replenish your stock. Or better yet, turn on auto-crafting for certain items and replenish it even quicker.

Since herbs are easier to come by, cultivating honey at the botanist in Astera — especially early in the game — can help you maximize the production of mega potions. Drinking a supply of full mega potions and ensuring that your honey is always at peak levels will help you through most of the early and mid-game challenges.

Temporary stat-boosting items

You should carry nutrients to use at the beginning of every mission. In Monster Hunter: World, nutrients are items that temporarily increase your maximum health just like a meal. They’re a free stat boost on top of any meal bonuses.


A simple nutrient health boost is better than nothing at all. The required bitterbugs and blue mushrooms are widely available in the first map, the Ancient Forest, so craft as many of them as you can and drink one at the start of each mission. That small increase could mean the difference between a monster knocking you out or living with a sliver of health to run away and swallow a potion.

Energy drinks (nitroshrooms and honey) increase your stamina, demondrugs (catalysts and might seeds) boost your strength and armorskin (catalyst and adamant seed) enhances your defense.

You might have noticed a common denominator with most of these items — catalysts. They’re created with bitterbugs and honey, the latter of which is a common base ingredient. If you want to really master the early game of Monster Hunter: World, acquire as much honey as you can.

Because it’s a key ingredient in so many recipes, consider not auto-crafting anything with honey in it. You don’t want to pull up the menu to make some emergency mega potions during a hectic boss battle only to find out you spent all your honey on something else.

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