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Monster Hunter World guide: How to beat the Great Jagras

The Great Jagras Hunt

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The Great Jagras is the first monster that you’ll fight in Monster Hunter: World. You can chop off tons of parts to upgrade your first few weapons into much better versions as well as offering one of your first advanced armor sets. While this is certainly one of Monster Hunter: World’s easiest monsters, that doesn’t mean you should go in unprepared.

When you’ll fight the Great Jagras

The first time you fight a Great Jagras is during the assigned quest The Great Jagras Hunt. You’ll have 50 minutes for this hunt and will get 1,200 zenny as a reward. Aside from the assigned quest, the Great Jagras is common in the Ancient Forest, and you’ll run into them frequently while fighting other monsters. However, they’re pretty far down on the food chain. If anything, they’ll provide a great distraction to your desired monster during other Assignments, Investigations, Optional quests and Expeditions.

Where you’ll find the Great Jagras


The Great Jagras is native to the Ancient Forest, and it’s the only area where they’ll show up. There’s usually at least one wondering around in section 2, in the dark cave network. They’ll also wonder around in sections 6-8 where the jungle is thick and dark or on the beach in section 4. They tend to stay on the ground, so don’t expect them to follow you up to the Rathalos den.

The Great Jagras’ weak spots

The Great Jagras is unlike many other monsters in Monster Hunter: World in that its tail should rarely be your point of contact. Instead, you want to get up in the Great Jagras’ face and stay there. Its main three weak points are its head, gut and front arms.

When the Great Jagras eats something, its stomach will expand and drag along the ground. The Great Jagras moves a little slower like this but can heave its massive gut toward you to deal serious damage. However, it now also takes massive damage when attacked. If you stay to the side of the Great Jagras’ face, you should be able to hit all three weak points at once. This makes the Great Jagras very easy to knock out or stagger, especially if you’re using a hammer.

Preparing to fight the Great Jagras

Preparing to fight the Great Jagras is pretty simple. It moves very predictably in its attack patterns and doesn’t deal any elemental damage. However, it can scurry away very quickly if its belly isn’t full. So the goal should be to finish your fight fast. When eating your before hunt meal, look for bonus stamina and anything that can raise your attack power.

As far as weapons go, the Great Jagras is very weak to fire. Taking almost anything you’ve made out of an Anjanath or a Rathalos ought to make quick work of him. However, it also has weaknesses to thunder and ice. It’s less weak to dragon, but it’ll steal deal plenty of damage. However, the Great Jagras is impervious to water damage, so don’t take anything that does water damage against it. In terms of status effects, the Great Jagras is susceptible to all of them.

As far as useful items, the Great Jagras requires almost nothing special. It doesn’t hit hard enough to warrant Mega Potions over normal potions, and it has no status effects to throw at you. It’s is even very low to the ground which makes mounting him easy without the use of a Gliding Mantle. The only special tools you may need is traps if you’re looking to capture one of these big iguanas alive.


The Great Jagras fight

Fighting a Great Jagras is simple. They spend a lot of time trying to either headbutt or slash you with their claws. If you stay to their side, you shouldn’t have much trouble avoiding his moves.

Because he’s very easy to stun and stagger, he tends to move around in a small area, never really getting too aggressive or unmanageable. It slashes and bites and charges forward very briefly. It moves are telegraphed and slow, meant to help you learn the way Monster Hunter: World wants you to fight.

If you stay to his side and whale on his face, you’ll take down the Great Jagras in no time.

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