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Monster Hunter World guide: How to beat the Kulu-Ya-Ku

The Bird-Brained Bandit

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The Kulu-Ya-Ku is among the easiest monsters you’ll fight in Monster Hunter: World. However, most enemies can kill you in Monster Hunter: World, even the dopiest bird. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to outsmart the Kulu-Ya-Ku and hunt it down.

When you’ll fight the Kulu-Ya-Ku

The first time you’ll see a Kulu-Ya-Ku is while you’re trying to establish your first external hunting camp in the Ancient Forest. You’ll have to chase and hunt it down so you can set up camp undisturbed. The Assignment is called Bird-Brained Bandit and you’ll have 50 minutes to hunt your target. If you’re successful, a bunch of new monster parts and 1,800 zenny will be yours. While the Kulu-Ya-Ku can appear in the Ancient Forest, you’re far more likely to find one in the Wildspire Wastes outside of this quest.

Where you’ll find the Kulu-Ya-Ku


Kulu-Ya-Ku is usually hanging out between sectors 5, 6 and 12 in the Ancient Forrest (see above), wondering between the trees and in earshot of the beach. Basically, around where the sector 12 campsite is. While finding the Kulu-Ya-Ku is pretty easy (it even has bright feathers), sticking on it is going to be the tough part. The Kulu-Ya-Ku may not be too bright but they tend to run fast and frequently.

Kulu-Ya-Ku’s weak spots

The Kulu-Ya-Ku has only one weak spot: its beak. Whaling on it’s pretty easy, since its neck is so close to the ground. However, just because the head is your optimal target doesn’t mean you shouldn't hit elsewhere.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is very small in comparison to most other mothers. Therefore, you can swing and hit its entire body if you’re using longer weapons. However, you can also miss easily. For those using big weapons, aim for the body to save yourself some missed hits. Smaller weapon users should strike the head as much as possible until Kulu-Ya-Ku goes down.

Preparing to fight the Kulu-Ya-Ku

Much like fighting the Great Jagras, your biggest concern regarding the Kulu-Ya-Ku is how fast it can get away from you. Eat a meal that will boost your attack power and stamina. This should help you keep up with the Kulu-Ya-Ku while also shortening the fight.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is weak to every element. However, water-based weapons are most effective, so if you have anything with that, be sure to bring it along. As far as ailments go, its two stars across the board. Everything is good, just not great.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is so weak that you may not need to use any items at all. However, traps are effective. Movement is going to be your biggest enemy here, so slowing the Kulu-Ya-Ku down can be very helpful.


The Kulu-Ya-Ku fight

Engaging in combat with the Kulu-Ya-Ku is pretty fun. The bird is dopey and spends most of its time running around and freaking out.

However, its main move is the ability to pick up items and carry them around. Trying to fight a Kulu-Ya-Ku from the front while it has a boulder in its arms won’t work. Your weapons will simply bounce off. Instead, use your slinger to hit the Kulu-Ya-Ku’s head a few times or damage its back. Eventually, the bird will startle and drop its makeshift shield.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku will attempt to swipe at you with its hands or smash you if it’s holding a rock. It may also attempt a leap strike where it jumps high in the air and tries to come down on you. But a quick roll to the side should save your from the clutches of the Kulu-Ya-Ku.

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