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Monster Hunter World guide: How to beat the Anjanath

The Encroaching Anjanath

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The Anjanath is the Monster Hunter: World equivalent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But unlike the real T. rex, this one can breathe fire. Your fight with the Anjanath is your gateway to the rest of Monster Hunter: World. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to take down the great, fire-breathing Anjanath.

When you’ll fight the Anjanath

The Anjanath appears during the seventh assigned quest in Monster Hunter: World, The Encroaching Anjanath. You’ll have 50 minutes to complete this quest. If you’re victorious, you’ll receive 4,320 zenny.

Where you’ll find the Anjanath

The Anjanath is the king of the Ancient Forest. You can usually find it prowling for food in the northern part of the map, between sectors 12, 6, 7, 11, and 5.

The Anjanath is a roamer, which is why you’ve most likely encountered one before. Because of this, it’s entirely likely that you and the Anjanath will run into other creatures during your brawl. This is great for you and bad for the Anjanath. The beast gets very territorial and is always willing to pick a fight. While it brawls with another monster, you can get big hits on it or take a moment to recover from the battle.

Anjanath weak spots

Because of the Anjanath’s shape, you’ll spend most of your time attacking its legs or tail. If you have the option between these two, target the tail. Not only is it severable, but it’s also one of the Anjanath’s two weak spots. The other is its head, a part of the Anjanath that you want to stay far, far away from.

You’ll often find yourself under the Anjanath, between its feet. This is not a bad place to be. Aside from a few obvious stomping attacks, the Anjanath doesn’t have many ways to attack under its body. Watch out when it runs, though, or you’ll be trampled.

Preparing to fight the Anjanath

The Anjanath is a brutal foe. Plan to spend as much time as you need on this boss, lest you rush and make avoidable mistakes. Eat the best food you have available to you, focusing on elemental resistance and defense. Any food that grants health and stamina is great here, but if you can only pick one, make it health.

Anjanath Elements

Thankfully, the Anjanath has a weakness: water (⭐️⭐️⭐️). Since you’ve already encountered one in the story, you can farm the Jyuratodus for water parts. This’ll allow you to build a water weapon. If you don’t have access to water, thunder (⭐️⭐️) and ice (⭐️⭐️) are fine as well. Dragon (⭐️) is mediocre, and fire is ineffective.

Anjanath Ailments

You can apply all of the different ailments to the Anjanath. Poison, sleep, paralysis and stun (⭐️⭐️) are decent. Blast (⭐️) is weak.

Useful items

For the Anjanath fight, bring all the potions and rations you can fit in your bag (10 of each, including mega potions). Bringing some flash pods (made with flashbugs) could help. If you fire these at the Anjanath’s head, it’ll be blinded for a few seconds, giving you a window to attack.


How to beat the Anjanath

The towering Anjanath has all kinds of swipes and strikes with its tail and arms. It kicks, it runs, it has plenty of ways to try and kill you. But you can also use the Anjanath’s size against it. It’s best to try and stay under the beast as much as possible. Even if you manage to get behind it or to its side, you’ll be better off there than in front of its face.

If you’re anywhere close to its head, it’ll attempt to bite. Even worse, it can spit fire from its mouth. Watch the Anjanath’s throat: It’ll will glow when it’s about to spit fire. If you get set on fire and survive, roll three times to put it out.

You can stop the Anjanath from spitting fire at you. If you strike at its throat (a risky move) while it’s glowing, the Anjanath has a good chance to overload its fire box and get knocked out. This’ll provide you a much-needed and rare opportunity to beat it into the dirt.

Once the Anjanath gets close to death, it’ll retreat to its nest in the trees and fight erratically. This can catch a lot of hunters off guard with just how quickly it transitions between moves.

If it makes it back to its den, the Anjanath will go to sleep. This is a great opportunity to capture it, avoiding the last few seconds of combat with this deadly beast. If you can’t manage a capture, a few careful shots should be enough to finally bring this behemoth down.

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