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Monster Hunter World guide: How to beat the Tobi-Kadachi

Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi

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The Tobi-Kadachi is fast, has powerful elemental attacks and it can leap down from the trees seemingly out of nowhere. However, the loot it drops can make some powerful gear. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to take down a Tobi-Kadachi all on your own.

When you’ll fight the Tobi-Kadachi

The Tobi-Kadachi is the sixth beast you fight on an assigned quest. You’ll meet this weird snake-squirrel in the quest Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi. As usual, you’ll have 50 minutes to complete your mission. If you manage to kill the Tobi-Kadachi before it kills you, you’ll receive 3,240 zenny.

Where you’ll find the Tobi-Kadachi


You’ll find the Tobi-Kadachi up in the trees, in a small arena that seems to be its den. You’ll need to climb a bunch of vines to make your way to sector 14. Once the map changes elevations to 2, you should have no problem making your way to the Tobi-Kadachi.

Tobi-Kadachi weak spots

Like many monsters, the Tobi-Kadachi’s weak spots are its head and tail. The rest of its body is breakable, but you want to stick to one end or the other for maximum damage. Thankfully, the Tobi-Kadachi has a very long tail, which makes landing hits on its slender body a little easier.

Stay behind the Tobi-Kadachi whenever possible. This beast is more aggressive than anything Monster Hunter: World has thrown at you so far. If you aren’t careful to avoid its head and claws, you’ll faint quickly.

Preparing to fight the Tobi-Kadachi

The Tobi-Kadachi has lightning-based attacks. To counteract these, make sure you eat a meal with elemental resistance on it. Attack will help you kill the beast faster than normal. Finally, grab health to keep yourself alive. The Tobi-Kadachi may be relatively small, but it hits hard.

Tobi-Kadachi Elements

The Tobi-Kadachi is a thunder type monster, so using the thunder element against it won’t be effective. Instead, use water (⭐️⭐️⭐️) to beat it down quickly. If you don’t have water available, fire (⭐️⭐️) and ice (⭐️⭐️) work nearly as well. Dragon (⭐️) is your last choice here, though it’s only slightly better than nothing.

Tobi-Kadachi Ailments

Poison is the most important ailment. It’s very susceptible to poison (⭐️⭐️⭐️), and if you can poison the Tobi-Kadachi, you’ll be damaging it even as it moves around. Farm up on Pukei-Pukei so you can acquire more poison parts. All of the other ailments — sleep, paralysis, blast and stun — work as well (⭐️⭐️), just not as effectively.

Useful items

Restock your potions and rations to full before you enter this fight. Dung pods, which you can craft with dung you find in the environment, can also be very helpful. Shooting dung at an enemy monster, however gross, may send them running. If you don’t like how many trees there are where you’re fighting the Tobi-Kadachi, fling some feces at it to make it run away.


How to beat the Tobi-Kadachi

Chances are, the opening of the fight will give you the most trouble. This is the Tobi-Kadachi’s home, after all. Since it can climb trees and use them to pounce on you, try and make the beast run as quickly as possible. There are a few ways to do this, the easiest being hit it hard until it’s afraid of you. Once the Tobi-Kadachi retreats, hunt it down and finish it in a less confined location.

Fighting the Tobi-Kadachi involves a lot of rolling to the side, away from its tail swipe and viscous teeth, and counterattacking. While the Tobi-Kadachi may occasionally swing its tail at you from the back, its main move is an overhead flip where it brings the tail down fast on targets in front of it. The Tobi-Kadachi especially loves to do this if it’s jumping down from a tree.

Speaking of trees, the more you let the Tobi-Kadachi climb, the more static it’ll build up. When it’s charged with electricity, it’ll deal more damage and also electrocute you. Position yourself far away from trees and fauna to keep the Tobi-Kadachi where you want it. You can also just try and knock it over by mounting it or knocking it out. Traps can also net you some excellent damage, but you can only carry one of each per hunter.

When going up against the Tobi-Kadachi, keep an eye on it at all times. If you lose it, chances are it’s climbed a tree and is getting ready to pounce on you. We normally wouldn’t suggest that you use the lock-on in Monster Hunter: World, as it distorts your view a bit and can be unwieldy, but it could save your life against the Tobi-Kadachi.

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