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Monster Hunter: World zenny farming guide

The easiest ways to get more money without much hassle


In Monster Hunter: World, there are plenty of monsters to fight and tons of wonderful armor and weapons to craft. The problem is, all of your hard work gathering crafting items means nothing if you don’t have the zenny to pay for anything.

Once you reach high rank missions, you’ll also get access to all the powerful late game equipment. And regardless of how much of a shopper you were before you reached high rank, the items in the Workshop at this stage of the game will cause some serious sticker shock.

But there’s nothing to worry about — this guide will show you three of the easiest ways to make tons of zenny with the least amount of effort.


This is one of the slower methods for making more zenny, but it requires the least amount of effort. All you need are some Might Seeds, which you can get throughout areas like The Ancient Forest, Wildspire Wastes or The Rotten Vale. The seeds sell for about 140 zenny each. Now, you could run around those areas snatching up seeds, but for the seeds to be lucrative, you’ll need to sell a couple dozen at a time. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get multiple might seeds that requires very little effort on your part.

Farming Might Seeds

You can grow Might Seeds at the hub world’s Botanical Research Center. When you drop off items to be cultivated there after completing a quest, you’ll have more of any item you drop off. Your goal is to drop off some Might Seeds, handle a few quests, then come back to collect your harvest. Since you’ll naturally be doing quests anyway, farming Might Seeds is a great way to make money while you’re off adventuring.

At the start of the game however, you won’t be able to farm those seeds. To upgrade the research center to handle might seeds, complete the four star optional quest Persistent Pests. The quest itself is straight forward. It requires you to head over to the Rotten Vale to take out 14 of the grasshopper-like Hornetaurs. That’s it.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you can cultivate more items, especially Might Seeds. From there, drop off a Might Seed to cultivate and then tackle as many quests as you normally would until your box is filled with seeds. Be sure to also pick an appropriate fertilizer so you can grow more seeds per quest. After gaining a few dozen, sell them all off but one, so you can use it again to gain more zenny.

This process isn’t the best method if you want cash fast. For a quick buck, you’ll have to do a little work.


In the hub, you can swing on over to the Resource Center at any time to pick up Investigations — small tasks you can accomplish at any time for zenny. There a several types, but the ones you’re looking for are Slaying Investigations. While these might have you slaying time-consuming monsters like the massive beasts you would normally square off against, you can actually get similar, if not more, amounts of zenny taking out smaller bugs that will take you minutes to defeat.

A hornetaur quest with a high pay out

When browsing your slaying quests, be on the lookout for any that ask you to kill Vespoids or Hornetaurs. You can complete the latter in less than five minutes in The Rotten Vale. As your rank increases, you’ll have access to higher rank versions of these quick quests. You may also notice you have several of these, so you can gain a couple thousand zenny for half an hour’s worth of work.

While this is a faster way to rack up zenny through a few short quests, there’s a way to rack up a couple thousand zenny per quest. It involves getting through a difficult quest first to get an essential item, but after that, you can make zenny rain from monsters.


One of the quickest ways to farm for zenny is by using the Bandit Mantle. This unique wearable item grants you the ability to make monsters drop high value scales as you attack them. Keep in mind that these scales get dropped during your fight, so you’ll have to grab these in the middle of your encounters. But they are worth the effort, with many selling for a few thousand apiece. You’ll know a scale has dropped once your mantle glows and you hear a noise signaling the event.

The Zorah Magdaros armor and the Bandit Mantle
The Bandit Mantle in Monster Hunter: World

To get the Bandit Mantle, you need to complete the optional five-star quest “Redefining the Power Couple,” which unlocks near the end of your journey through low rank. It’s difficult because you need to take down a Rathalos and Rathian during the same quest. We highly recommend doing this one with some partners by your side. Once done, speak to the woman in the Workshop, and she’ll offer you the Bandit Mantle.

Once you have the mantle, there’s a few ways to maximize its effectiveness. If you’re farming alone, you can always go for low rank creatures. The price per scale will be lower, but you’ll still walk away a few thousand zenny worth of sellable items when you’re done with relatively low effort.

If you have friends to play with, then focus on high rank monsters. The price of scales will vary depending on which creatures you face off against, but for speed, you can always pick easier encounters like the Great Jagras or Jyuratodus.

It’s worth noting that each time a scale drops, each player can pick it up. That means if one scale drops and you’re playing with four players, each player can get that scale, so grab any you see. To get the most value from your mantle’s limited time, we recommend one player donning the mantle and generating scales for the team. When their time is up, the next player can put theirs on and continue the process. In time, your party can rack up tens of thousands of zenny worth of scales from a single monster.

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