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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beotodus guide

Don’t get stuck on the first boss in Iceborne

fighting a Beotodus in a snowy forest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Capcom

Beotodus is the third Piscine Wyvern in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, after Lavasioth and Jyuratodus. It’s a snow shark, and it transitions from deep snow diving to land attacks quickly. Beotodus is the first monster and the first major roadblock you’ll find in Iceborne.

Here’s how to take it out.

When you’ll fight the Beotodus

When you go on your first Expedition, a Beotodus will interrupt your mission — the horrible snow shark of Hoarfrost Ridge. You’ll need to defeat it before it leaves the Expedition (usually about 50 minutes), or you’ll have to try again in a separate mission called Baptism by Ice.

Preparing to fight the Beotodus

The Beotodus is a long and difficult fight. Plan to spend the entire 50 minutes on this boss, lest you rush in and try to attack while it’s under the snow. Eat the best food you have available to you, focusing on damage and defense. Any food that grants health and stamina is great here, but if you can only pick one, make it health.

Beotodus Elements

Being an ice monster, the Beotodus is weak to fire (⭐️⭐️⭐️). If you don’t have access to a good fire weapon, try to use thunder (⭐️⭐️). Avoid water (⭐️) if you can. And you’re better off using a non-elemental weapon if you only have access to dragon or ice. Both are ineffective against Beotodus.

Beotodus Ailments

You can apply all of the different ailments to the Beotodus. Poison, sleep, paralysis, and stun (⭐️⭐️) are decent. But if you’re going to use an ailment, we recommend blast (⭐️⭐️⭐️).

Useful items

For the Beotodus fight, bring all the potions and rations you can fit in your bag (10 of each, including Mega Potions). Bringing some Screamer Pods (made with Scream Sacs) could help. If you fire these at the Beotodus while it’s underground, you’ll force it aboveground.

You also want to make some Hot Drink from peppers in Hoarfrost Ridge, or you’ll lose stamina over time. Being an ice monster, Beotodus can also strike you with Iceblight — an effect that makes you consume stamina much faster. Bring Nullberries to cleanse yourself of the Iceblight.

How to beat Beotodus

The Beotodus is fast. One of the snow shark’s greatest tools is to dive into the snow and transition back out of it into a leaping attack. If you aren’t on your toes, Beotodus will send you back to camp with one fewer life than you had before.

To combat Beotodus, use a combination of environment, Screamer Pods, patience, and your new Clutch claw.

You can only fight in the opening zones of Hoarfrost Ridge, so Beotodus can’t go very far. In every locale, there are places to jump off of or slopes to take advantage of. For weapons that deal a lot of mounting or aerial damage — like the hammer — these locations are perfect. All weapons have benefits when using a sliding attack, so use them whenever you can to take a chunk of health off your foe.

Screamer Pods are a bit difficult to use, but they can stun Beotodus out of the snow. When Beotodus is fully under, equip your Screamer Pods and fire. It may take you a few tries to get a hang on what you’re aiming for, but when you do, you’ll interrupt Beotodus’ greatest advantage. When it emerges, stunned and confused, attack.

You won’t be able to knock Beotodus out of every snow dive it takes. Instead, you’ll need to wait patiently and watch closely. Beotodus likes to leap out of the snow and attack you, or disappear and jump up from under you. Keep an eye on it wherever you can. It’s not the most offensive tactic, but sometimes you just need to wait and watch until you get your chance.

With Beotodus being such a slippery beast, you should take advantage of your new Clutch claw. Aim at Beotodus with your Slinger and press either B or Circle to latch on. There you can either ram Beotodus into a wall by firing slinger ammo into its skull, or weaken a piece of it with your weapon. Beotodus has a very low knockout threshold, so it’s easy to get it on its back, stunned.

Your best bet with Beotodus is wait while it swims, dodge its attacks, and get a few good smacks in before it goes back under. It’s a tedious fight and easily one of the worst in the new expansion. But once you take it down, you’ll have a whole new world to explore, filled with non-Beotodus monsters. Let that motivate you to take down this slippery snow shark.

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