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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide – Befriending the BoaBoa palicos

Find the tiny Ewoks and make them your friends

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Palico Capcom

Every time you enter a new area in Monster Hunter: World, you meet a new variant of grimalkynes (also known as Palicoes). To befriend these tiny felines and get various new items for your Palico, you usually have a small quest to do. In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you’ll need to prove your worth early on in the game’s campaign to impress the local cats — and you should do it as soon as possible.

Here’s how to befriend the BoaBoa, the new grimalkynes of Hoarfrost Ridge in Iceborne.

Proving your worth

After your first few missions, when Hoarfrost Ridge has opened up a bit, you’ll run into the BoaBoa. Like many grimalkynes, they aren’t too keen about you invading their ecosystem. After your Palico meets with some local cats (check your map for their location), you’ll earn a new quest in the critical bounty section of the Resource Center called Cultural Exchange: Hoarfrost Ridge. It’s time to prove your strength to the BoaBoa.

Suit up for a hunt and head into the Hoarfrost Ridge on an Expedition. Now’s the part where you get to pick your poison. Find a beast in the wild of Hoarfrost Ridge and hunt it. We went for a Viper Tobi-Kadachi, but feel free to pick whichever new fight is your favorite or the monster you need parts from the most.

While you’re fighting the monster, a group of BoaBoas will show up to watch. When you’ve felled the beast, your Palico will explain that the BoaBoa want to meet with you. Follow them up to their hidden hot springs lair and have a short meeting with their council. They’ll explain that they want your help with something, and you’ll get a new optional quest.

By Our Powers Combined

After you meet with the BoaBoa, head back to Seliana. Prepare yourself for a fight with Beotodus and accept the MR optional quest called By Our Powers Combined (it’s in the two-star section).

When you load into Hoarfrost Ridge, you’ll find an army of cats waiting to hunt with you. Follow them and track down the giant Beotodus. The beast looks intimidating (it’s unusually large for a Beotodus), but fear not: the BoaBoa are here to help.

For the entire hunt, the BoaBoa will bombard the creature with various gadgets and traps, leaving you a fishy dummy to beat down with your preferred weapon. When the beast falls, the BoaBoa will celebrate you and your courage.

Your reward

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Grand Meowster Chef Capcom

Befriending an army of cats is its own reward, but the BoaBoa also offer your Palico a new tool. Unlike the Palico’s various support items like the Coral Orchestra, this new tools isn’t something you have to equip. It’s the Tailraider Signal, and it will save your bacon if you ever decide to hunt solo.

When you’re hunting with your Palico, you’ll have a new ability on your quick bar. If you select the Tailraider Signal, your Palico will light a beacon to summon a nearby Tailraider. The friendly cat often comes in riding on local wildlife, adding a beast to your army as well.

This is very helpful if you’re alone, as a Tailraider can offer assists with traps or shear pieces off of monsters. They deal quite a bit of damage and, most importantly, take some focus off of you.

If you’re a solo hunter, take the time to get a Tailraider to assist you. But with the Tailraider Signal, you can call one up no matter where you are. Just know that you can only use the Tailraider Signal once per hunt.

Befriending the BoaBoa also comes with the usual rewards in Hoarfrost Ridge, like cats standing on ledges waiting to help you trap monsters and the ability to befriend some of the local wildlife.

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