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How to solve the ‘Toasty’ Klue in Mortal Kombat 1

How to unlock the barrier in the Sun Do Festival

Havik burns up from a Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1 Image: NetherRealm Studios / WB Games
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You’ll come across the “Toasty” Klue (styled “TOASTY!!!” in-game) as part of an encounter in Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasion mode.

As with other Invasion Klues (such as “Flipping Out” and “Destroy the World”), you solve these riddles by performing a special action mid-fight, opening a nearby pathway that was previously blocked, leading to a free chest filled with loot.

In this Mortal Kombat 1 guide, we’ll help you find the “Toasty” Kombat Klue in the Sun Do Festival Mesa and solve it.

Where can you find the “Toasty” Klue?

Raiden stands on a Kombat Klue location that says TOASTY!!! in Mortal Kombat 1 Image: NetherRealm Studios / WB Games

In the first area of the Sun Do Festival — before you cross the bridge where you’ll find the fiery gate — take the right path on the Face Pounding encounter and continue until you complete the Bloody tower.

Just past the tower, you’ll find an encounter called Pure Chaos, where you’ll fight the Chaosmaker (the character Havik). Here, you’ll find a branching path that’s blocked by a fireworks kart, and you’ll have a Kombat Klue that just says: TOASTY!!!

What is the solution for the “Toasty” Klue?

A close-up of a fireworks kart blocking a path in Mortal Kombat 1 Image: NetherRealm Studios / WB Games

To solve the Toasty Klue, all you need to do is use a special Kameo FatalityKameo Scorpion’s, to be exact — to end the Pure Chaos encounter. Equip Scorpion as your Kameo fighter and proceed through the fight with Chaosmaker as normal. When you’re able to input a Fatality, use your Kameo Scorpion’s Toasty!!! Fatality.

The input code for Toasty!!! is: (Mid) Down, Forward, Down, R1/RB/R.

Kameo Scorpion’s Fatality will set Chaosmaker on fire, and when you return to the board, the fireworks kart will disappear. Head down the new path to get a free chest.

Note: It’s worth clarifying here that Scorpion — the normal fighter — does not have access to the Toasty!!! Fatality. Only the Kameo version of Scorpion has the finisher you need, so make sure not to get them confused. You’ll unlock Kameo Scorpion at profile level five, which you should reach well before the Sun Do Festival Mesa.

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