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Mortal Shell Fallgrim map Image: Cold Symmetry/PlayStack via Polygon

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Mortal Shell map

Find every shell, weapon, and healing mushroom

Most of Mortal Shell takes place in Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts. This is where you’ll start, where you’ll find Fallgrim Tower and Sester Genessa, and the area you’ll traverse to reach the three temples, weapons, and glands you need to finish the game.

To navigate the game, you’ll need to make a mental map — something we suggested in our beginner’s guide — but even better would be a map you can reference at any time. We’ve made that map below, and included icons for each shell, locations where you’ll find Sester Genessa, tarspore and weltcap locations, and locations of brigand/bandit camps.

Mortal Shell Fallgrim map

Mortal Shell map
Map of Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts
Image: Cold Symmetry/PlayStack via Polygon

We spent a lot of time thinking Mortal Shell’s world was laid out like a hub and spokes, but after making this map, we’ve realized it very much isn’t. You start your journey in the center of the map — this is also where you’ll pick up the Harros, the Vassal shell. The game will then lead (more like gently suggest) you to Fallgrim Tower and Sester Genessa.

As you expand outward from Fallgrim Tower, the world and its map becomes very complicated, interwoven, and confusing. The best way to navigate the world is to look for landmarks — and we’ve included some of those landmarks on the map above.

As you explore, you’ll notice the world’s human(ish) enemies tend to cluster around campfires. We’ve included these on the map as well. It’s always good to know where the bad guys are, but they also serve as useful landmarks as you explore.

Once you’re ready to head for specific destinations, we have the locations of the other shells — Solomon, the Scholar; Eredrim, the Venerable; and Tiel, the Acolyte — marked in blue(ish).

The game’s three other levels — Shrine of Ash, Crypt of Martyrs, and Seat of Infinity — each start in a temple where you’ll find another Sester Genessa. These temples are also where you’ll find the game’s other three weapons — the Smoldering Mace, the Hammer and Chisel, and the Martyr’s Blade.

Since healing items are so rare, we’ve also included locations for weltcaps — the healing, red mushrooms — and tarspores — the yellow poison-curing mushrooms. These mushrooms respawn every five minutes, so visit their locations often to stock up.

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